Profiting At The Misfortune Of Others

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Our sources of income vary, while some calls for no conscience examination, some make you wonder if the hearts behind earning an income from a certain source are of the human heart.

Recently @josediccus mentioned in his article how some wishes for the lack of money (Naira) circulation in Nigeria to continue so they can continue to profit from selling the new currency to people. Nigerians were suffering from having money in their bank accounts but being unable to spend it puts them in an unplanned and tough situation and yet a few wish the situation stays that way so they can make lots of money.

I recalled a few similar instances after reading Jose's article. Covid was a big opportunity for some, from the government to individuals as well as companies, and even some landlords. My landlord back then wants his monthly rental regardless of the nationwide lockdown.

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Going The Extreme For An Income

There is a slippery road in the east of Johannesburg, Kempton Park, I drove on that road with a colleague and when I passed that spot I felt how slippery the road was, it was very dangerous it could cause the vehicle to slide.

My colleague knows this road more than I do and he said, the tow-truck guys are the ones that often pour oil on the road to create a high accident spot, so if you are flying past that spot especially not knowing the road when it rains, the chances of an accident are high and in no time a tow-truck will be there for the rescue, a rescue that puts money in there pocket.

He mentioned there are several places in Johannesburg where these guys go that extreme to earn an income. From that day on when I see the tow-truck guys, there's that dislike for them like I dislike the banks.

There have been conversations when I worked in South Africa where some wouldn't mind the machine deliberating cutting their finger at work and pretending it was an accident so they can get compensated by the Labour for it.

It is crazy how some minds are twisted in our world where some are willing to go extreme for the sake of money.

Is It Worth It?

The cryptocurrency space is no exception, some will go as far as building applications to scam people, as we see with rug pulls when these talents could be channeled into producing something that serves needs. For every crypto scam, there are chances of getting caught with consequences to follow.

When we go all out on making money in ways that put our minds in a state of unrest, the question that comes to mind is what is the satisfaction in it? Perhaps some of us have a mind of our own where we have to make that money it doesn't matter who we hurt in the process.

By the looks of going the extreme to profit from the distress of others seems like a norm to some. We could a hint of this from conversations with this kind of people, they are worth keeping at bay, and anyone could be their victim.

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