The Quora Towershead & Lobb Lowland Combo

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The Soulbound summoner cards have brought an interesting twist to the game, getting summoner for free is as sweet as it can get. One of the interesting twist is they are able to summon a Gladius card bring a feel of the Brawls battle to Ranked battles.

The benefit of soulbound summoners that interests me the most is the chance to probably accumulate summoners that might push players beyond the level of summoners they have.

All of my summoners are at level 4 except for OBSIDIAN at level 5, so is there a possibility of accumulating these soulbound summoners beyond level 4? Probably yes, I am amazed when I see these summoners at level 4 come up against me.


The highest I level soulbound summoner I have accumulated is LOBB LOWLAND at level 3 and in Gold Foil with another level 2 in Regular Foil, safe to say I have been lucky collecting them and I hope they keep coming.

LOBB sparked my interest in the Gladius summoners, since it is my highest leveled up so it is obvious QUORA TOWERSHEAD and LOBB are going to be a strong combo as seen in the battles shared.

Battle 1 | Battle 2 | Battle 3 | Battle 4 | Battle 5


Quora needs no intro if you belong to a Guild, there were times when I imagined QUORA in ranked battles, that is imagination is now a reality as she is found on dominating the battlefield recently.

I am having fun with the LOBB LOWLAND and QUORA TOWERSHEAD combo and I get out of control at times and use the combo in battles that are not suitable for it.

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