The Internet generation is as simple as this

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In those days, phones and computing devices were not as accessible as this, people were afraid of phones and computing devices, and as such they could not freely touch them, mostly, some household could not afford to buy a computer, during those days, few people knew about the internet, only few websites were available on the internet, to feed people with information all over the world.

For the fact, it was few people who operate a computer device freely, the rate of website on the internet that passes information/news were not much, this generation of the internet was known as the web 0.1 version of the internet.

As time goes by, it became evident when reading news on the internet, it was a necessity for people to throw their opinions at the same time, as a certain news headline was published, comment sections were created in those websites and sharing buttons were also added. It was there that the ideas of social networking became fully established as a kind of website for sending and receiving messages.

People created accounts and were now the senders of this information/news all over the world, so that things happening elsewhere would be known to those who aren't there at the moment, but the way this version of the web were handle wasn't too good, because user's content were monitized with ads, advertisements were delivered to user's profile without their consent and user's privacy were mostly invaded. This generation of the internet is called web 0.2.

Some users of web 2 were not happy because it was becoming a thing that they have no control over their contents, that's where the idea of web 0.3 was created, this generation of the internet is decentralized that makes use of crypto currency in giving freedom, user's privacy is not invaded but they have ownership of their contents.

It is observed that the web3 generation of the Internet is a much better version of the Internet that interests anyone who has come to understand of it existence, the truth is that, thousands of people do not know that something like web3 exists, which is why some people are still users on the web2 social networks.

Web 3 is the future of the Internet, sooner or later, those who operate the web2 version would have to switch to the latest, or else most of their users would leave them behind.

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