A Businessman's Version Of Free speech: What is Elon Musk Cooking?

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Elon Musk is one man that has come under intense fire in the last couple of months. This is because he's probably because of the unconventional ways he's employed in running Twitter Although his front has always been that he's saving humanity and he's bringing back free speech, while this might be partially true, it's not completely true.

This is because, on the surface, he's doing a lot of sacking and probably asking some ridiculous demands from the employees he's chosen to keep, but let's not forget he's claiming that Twitter is losing $4M per day, but are we going to blame this on his queer management approach or the fact that Twitter's stock was already dwindling before he bought it?

A little bit of the both, I'll say


Well we already knew how skeptical he was about paying that $44B, and this was because he felt there were just too many fake accounts, but he was pressured into paying that money anyways, the lawsuits and all, and probably because he felt Twitter was a longshot and maybe he could turn it into that dream social space for borderless interaction.

Let's face it, paying $44b was huge, but sincerely, investors are beginning to take their business of Twitter, is this concerning to Elon, yes. I think Elon is trying to eat his cake and have it and this is building Twitter in his image while making money off it at the same time.

Business people and killing a billion bird with onew stone

Isn't it humongous?

However, he's not really excelled with the latter and he's currently working on the former. However, I think one thing people have enjoyed thus far is his presence, his probably the most present CEO because of the way he's been all over the place and making his voice heard.

It's quite easy to predict that Elon wants to rewire Twitter to his image. Let's talk about his idea of free speech.

Now we must understand that Elon's concept of free speech is a mirage, he publicly fired one of his subordinates for publicly disagreeing with him, this only proves that he wants people to talk as they want but not too much that it wouldn't be considered too impactful, he's trying to create an impression for freedom of speech, but only in a manner where moderation will thrive.

Yanking Kanye West off and restoring Donald Trump proves this.

Now Trump hasn't been lyrical since he was reinstated and I think it's because even if he now had the freedom to talk as he would want, to what extent and to what degree? So I feel one of the reasons why Elon is more present is because he's trying to create a friendlier scenario of accessibility.

I mean who doesn't like tweeting and getting a reply from the owner himself, but then I don't think this would last long. There's absolutely no free speech on Twitter, what Elon has done is create a borderline, he's since claimed that comedy is now a thing on Twitter and people can jump in on it. But I feel that Twitter will be heavily politicalized in the future, Elon has the power and he isn't scared to use it.

I like to think he will succeed in making Twitter into his image

but as for free speech

......I think that's a long shot. This doesn't mean you can incite anything and go scot-free, it means you have the right to be heard, only in a way that you might not even create too much dominance with what you're preaching.

This means all manner of interaction can be created, allowing Twitter to thrive. In reality, I think he will get the social aspect over and done with, but the problem is, how many erratic choices will he make to keep Twitter's stock up and doing?

I don't know if he can afford to keep watching the platform losing investors because of the model he's trying to instill, I do not know. But he's come to understand that he'll make mistakes and learn from them.

He's willing to exercise willpower

This is also evident in his presence, tweeting every day, he's not shy to show he is the boss and this presence is instilling his status as one of the most influential people in the world. Soon, world leaders would begin to seek him out, he's already showing his political preferences using Twitter, and I think he's making a mark in this sector.

Does he really have a plan for humanity? I cannot tell. Now, maybe not

Futuristically, maybe yes. But then Twitter can easily capitulate under him. We understand he's built other successful businesses and some of his businesses are aimed at a better future, but they're different from running a space as big as Twitter.

I think Elon has a track record for success, but would this be where he gets it wrong? I think we can only tell in the future, for now, he is trying to weave the fabrics of what he thinks would be great.

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