Do We Raise The Bars Too High On Content Creating?

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Hive will likely get adoption in the unlikeliest of ways, not through the marketing film, not through influencers, not through spending ostentatiously on big influencers on Twitter and many other adoption schemes that are seeking funding through the DHF. Not that this isn't important, I just feel like the focus on these aspects for the expectations of adoption might be aggrandizing.

This is to say we mostly overrate where we feel the adoption might come from and underrate where we feel the adoption might not come from.

Due to the flexibility of the internet, people are attracted differently. While the focus for some might be watching an epic Blockchain documentary, some people might be attracted by a carefully crafted tweet on Twitter, while others might just be attracted through hitting the results of their search on a traditional search engine like Google.

Limitation: A Factor In Adoption?

Because of the flexibility of the internet, it's important to create numerous choices and acceptability, to attain at least minimum adoption. A lot of people still have the mentality of web2, but this doesn't mean they cannot be better.

Adoption is difficult because of limited choices of web3 and a rigid influence of web2 in the mind of people, this is why we cannot compare the traditional adoption speed of a web2 project to that of web3 that's why it's completely wrong to vilify Hive for being slow with adoption.

Web2 has been in people's lives for almost forever, so how long do we need to wait for them to get used to web3? There's no definite period. Content Creating is an audacious entry point and even the so-called content creators on places like LinkedIn might find it difficult. For people to create content as good as that of people who have been here for a while now.

Is Finance As Niche Limited To Crypto?

Now while we might focus too much on spending on marketing, what about encouraging flexible content creating, and dumping the traditional idea of quality content as held by many?

While this isn't the focal point of this post, I like to talk about why the focus is now on Leofinance and why it's getting better traction on the Hive Blockchain. This is because finance is a niche that's relatable and easily adoptable.

Because of the way our lives are shappened, financial experiences are inevitable, this is why people can easily talk about and even write about money. While we're seeing massive attention on crypto and DeFi, how many people can boast of having rich knowledge of them? This is why this space is enlightening. To grow the overall Leofinance project, it's important to grow to reach the possibilities of content creation.

Another Perspective On SEO

A lot of people hold the idea that they can only write about crypto or nothing else, while this isn't true. They can feel the subconscious attention, tilt, and attraction on only crypto and Defi. This means fewer contents and less engagement.

Finance is vast and we should begin to acquaint ourselves with the vastness of its reach and spread, else SEO content will only be tailored to attract only crypto enthusiasts rather than general finance.

I've been writing about personal finance in economics and many people who do not comment on my post DM's me to ask about how to make some important decisions on the aspect of personal finance.

These people are on the leofinance, watching and reading the sophistication of bonding, adding liquidity, DeFi and so many other jargons, while they're finance enthusiasts, this generally gives the impression that's it's "LEOCRYPTO" rather than Leofinance.


The Way To Seamlessly Slot In

A lot of people know @jfang003, It's impossible to know I came into Leofinance through splinterlands, why? Because he seamlessly slots into the thick of things without much effort. But how many people have come through that ranks like Jfang and done the same? Not much.

However, he's talked about the challenges of being a content creator and sometimes I feel these challenges are due to the bars we've raised on content creating, I might be wrong, I just think we should focus more on other prevalent finance niches as promote them and watch how the result unfolds.

Nevertheless, I feel like there's a disparity or disconnection amongst the project builders on Hive. The closest relationships I've seen is Leofinance and splinterlands, what happened with other projects? Plus, how haven't they understood that a better connection will help adoption and foster growth?

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