Splinterlands' ECR System: Paying The Price For Compromise

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2 months ago - 3 minutes read

I've been playing with the latest ECR system on splinterlands, although I first shared my skepticism about it here, but I think most of my skepticism turned out to be misplaced.

First of all, I think this new system gives players better management of their ECR, the former ECR created the illusion that you can continually play for a long, this new system keeps a player accountable which means that players are going to be more intentional when throwing out their lineup, they'll need to check the rulesets carefully, try to predict the opponents' lineup, come up with a counter-strategy, so as not to lose.


Owning extra ECR now comes with a cost; paying in DEC and getting the energy to play. Inasmuch as most players would inevitably resort to buying extra ECR just to compete, I think people like me would rather choose to keep the ECR above 25/50. I like to say that this latest system is all about compromise. Some players are used to hitting 30 to 40 battles in a day. I am one of such player.

The reason I do this is that I want to enjoy playing the game, if you don't know yet, playing splinterlands is very addictive, (this addiction makes you spend more money, to buy assets to stay competitive), and hitting battles continually helps you grow as a player, develop your strategies while having the solid intention of maximizing profits.

Some Stats To Look At

So here's the thing: I use to hit 30 to 35 battles daily to at least get 3 daily focus chests or 4 when I follow the focus to the letter. At maximum, I get 13 gold chests at the end of the season, but then, even if my rewards are pretty small, due to my inability to manage my previous ECR, I still get to enjoy the game.

There are times I could leave my ECR to recharge, but even after 4 days it only reaches 65 to 75%, and it falls to 25 to 30% just after hitting 10 to 12 games, and sadly as it falls, the value of the rewards reduces, making it virtually impossible to keep tabs on it.

The new system represents better accountability, it's easy to calculate the amounts of game you're likely to lose and that which you're likely to lose.

For example, in the old ECR system, 5 to 6 games are likely to give me one silver daily focus chest, but sadly as it goes down, it means I'll need more battles to win more chest. To get a 23k mane'd gold chest, sometimes I need to win 20 battles or more.

The new system has been revolutionary. My biggest win ever since I've been playing daily focus came earlier today when I was able to accumulate 7 daily focus chests, while playing about 13 games and accumulating 10 wins.

The new system is overly rewarding

........it's quite lucrative for splinterlands and the players while dealing a blow to the bots. However, this now means that to enjoy constant gaming and sweet rewards, a player will now have to buy some DEC to keep winning. Originally I thought this was a bad thing, but then I realized that even without buying some ECR to continuously game, one can still manage their ECR and even get more rewards than in the older system.


The Ultimate Compromise

However, the question is no longer whether the rewards are better, the question now is, that players would have to compromise the sweet playing time they use to enjoy if they want to manage their ECR better or choose to continuously play while having to pay with DEC to enjoy that consistency of depth like they used to, with the old ECR system. So it's a matter of comprise.

In reality, the new system is a tad better than the older one, in terms of management and rewards, but seems a bit limited in terms of the whole gaming experience, however, like I once said in one of my old splinterlands posts, the game is all about compromise at the end of the day, you can't win it all.

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