Testing The Survivability Of Some Crypto Projects (HPUD Special)

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When people miss golden opportunities in crypto, this is when they begin to wish they could have been able to predict the future. Every day, people Miss out on life-changing opportunities because of their doubt and disbelief, now I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing.

There are people whose caution has actually helped them against investing in projects that might ruin them, but caution is a double edge sword, it can protect one, but it can also make one miss out. The effect of FTX's Crash created more cautious people rather than more daring people, this is because of the fear of loss.

Inasmuch as people believe in the system, sometimes the Fear of loss overwhelms a believer and turns them into skeptics


One thing that happens to cautious people is that they're always safe, their money is in their pocket, and there's no way they're losing when they're not taking risks, but the most terrible aspect of it is that cautious people are also the most regretful people. They want to have their cake and still eat it, but this isn't exactly crypto.

However, I know some people who are cautious and they've balanced this caution with taking calculated risks based on their research. Now, making one's research helps one to stay strong, especially when the market is going down and people are beginning to spread FUD about the prospective projects they're buying into.

Some days ago, I decided to check Twitter and I saw that HEX owners are massively FUDing after they saw a massive 97% loss on their coin. Apparently, hex wasn't immune to the dip that happened in November and December and even if the general market has started improving, hex still seems to be down.

In reality, the project was originally all 2% product 58% hype, and 40% marketing, but some of the OGs are beginning to FUD the creator of the project and saying he sold some massive millions of the coin at the expense of them that had their coin locked up for 3 to 5 years. I mean, someone having access to millions in liquidity at the expense of people who are locking can be dangerous.

I mean, this is one of the red flags of a project, but since some of these OGs made some mad money at the beginning, I was thinking they'll stand with their project through thick and thin, but you know, loyalty in crypto is often born through believability. A lot of those guys knew the project was shit, but the money was there,

It took something as FTX to put the project in a very situation. One of the many criteria people should consider in crypto is not just the good times or money-making process. They should be able to check the survivability of the project in some bad bear market situations because survival is important in a bear market.

Chasing short-term Money in crypto apart from trading might not yield life-changing dividends

.......this is why people should sort out great projects, to continue exponential building across the market seasons. Some Bitcoin whales, for example, have been in Bitcoin for more than 7 to 8 years. Those guys have seen their assets, go up and down and they've remained because of the trust in the Inevitability that BTC might hit a certain figure, be it in 5 or 10 years and grant them financial freedom. If there wasn't such believability, they'll be scrapping to sell off during the bear and buy back during the bull, while this seems absurd, this is what many people are actually doing rather than doing the opposite.

However, some projects turn people into gamblers

they make them become the potential weak hands we always speak about. This is why I say people are the reflection of the Crypto projects they're vested into, and this is always the problem of those who came for the short-term bucks.

It's HPUD today and I've managed to do my bit. I'm actually a daily power upper.. What I do is power up at least 1.2 hive daily, while still doing my major power-up at the beginning of every month. This means HPUD happens every singular day for me, so it's almost impossible for me to forget the main HPUD.

Powering up feels great.....

apart from the fact that it's endearing, it's actually one of the ways to building one's stake intentionally, and apparently stems from the fact that we have a good project at our disposal. We're still lacking in so many aspects, but it's better than waking up to discover you've been rugged pulled. I think when the project is solid, this is a baseline for growth, marketing, and advertising are peripheral, especially since we know that bear markets are always present to test the resolves of projects. Great to be a partaker of this month's HPUD, looking forward to next month

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