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One of the benefits of a crypto community such as Leofinance, is that it's a constant reminder that an intentional continuity toward building, brings an assurance that growth is inevitable. Yesterday was LPUD and I nearly forgot that to stake some Leo tokens, but since I had the 15th on a reminder.

it creates a certain need that goes beyond personal growth but a communal connection to hundreds of people who are striving hard to build the community, sustain the project, uplift the price while building themselves in the process. it's a win-win situation.

I use to tell people that collective resolution toward building the project one is buying into will automatically benefit everyone

Price Actions On Second-Layer

Because positive price actions when it comes to the second layer are mostly dependent on the actions of the project user

This is while the focus is on getting people to build more than they sell, because if the reverse is the case, then we'll have nothing other than a dead project.

Far from it, Leofinance is more than alive, and this is evident in the building process of people who are buying into LEO. one thing I love about Leofinance is the ability to bring crypto education to the grassroots level. This is important because more people are interested in crypto every day.

Leofinance: The Crypto Education

This means, there's the hunger to understand crypto daily by outsiders; potential enthusiasts and investors, or people who are just hungry for crypto education, and the information they're exposed to, seems too sophisticated for them to understand. It doesn't even end there.

The utility and diversification are even underrated. Leofinance was one of the places where I firstly learned about real estate investing, exposure to the gold market, financial literacy, tech, and its advancement, and the most important one for me, Defi. This hasn't just bettered my knowledge, it has helped me shuffle through the myriads of finance niche to carve out my specific niche.


Doing my part.

Building A Niche

There's nothing better than financial literacy, it's awareness and application towards real-life use. A lot of financially inclined people tend to let these financial ideologies seep into them and not just educate them but influence some of the ordinary decisions in their life about money.

So, the Leofinance community is not just impactful on paper, there are people with actual money, lost in what, where, and how to utilize it, overtime, I've seen such people duly come into the system and get the right financial advice. Some people feed off the investment schemes of others to become skilled investors themselves.

At the end of the day,

.......people are learning, earning, owning, and staking to become part of a community where growth is inevitable While it's possible to get some other finance communities on the internet that exposes people to crypto, it wouldn't be like Leofinance, the best-decentralized crypto community built on the hive blockchain.

I think over time, we've become better, I mean hitting the 1$ milestone must have been one of them, but over the years, the Leofinance team has tried implementing a lot of things, but it's back to building the flagship project, and one of them is Incentivizing and rewarding people for building here.

The Inevitability Of Growth & Development

Since we're seeing progress from the work that's being done, it means that growth in terms of price and reach will be achieved, except we might not know the exact time frame.

Today I decided to power up 150 Leo tokens, taking my total leo stake to about 9.2k I'm desperate to reach 10k before June or July. Then probably aim for 11k before the end of the year

Along the line, I'll have to purchase some, if I'm ever going to target 12k. I'm actually inspired by the number of people here who are building their stake and it's always a constant reminder not to be left behind. I like the feeling of FOMO the competition it creates is healthy and goal driven. I do not aim for the benefits that come with these stakings, but getting them isn't bad, it helps me create the idea that without the Incentivization, I was still going to keep building.

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