Longer Intro Post, Hive-Now.com and Calling Out The OCD Community

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Kali Van Kush
@kalivankush2 years ago
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Today I noticed on one of my posts something from Love Sniper, I showed my Husband and he joined the OCD Discord to let them know what we are doing. And there seemed to be a few people in there who were interested in being normal people, but the Mods were basically White Nationalists. They did not say that they were, but they were very 4Chan/Cult of Kek-ish, and I wouldn't be exposing this except for that I was actually writing a longer post for @traciyork & @lovesniper like I was asked, when my Husband was banned from the chat for continuing to not be derailed while the Mods literally called themselves Trolls. I feel like this is a good a place as any to Draw a Line, we are NOT the Cult of Kek, we are here to stand against those Crypto users who are Angry every time they see a Pretty Girl on the Trending page. We are here to return the $10,000 and $30,000 payments to the Graphene Blockchains, and we are more interested in getting large amounts of engagement from the Southern Hemisphere. Soon it won't be rare to see a $1,000 post.

We want everyone to start paying attention to their accounts, so I want everyone to learn about Hive-Now.com this is where you can track your Stats. You can also use a Delegation or Curation Trail to Automate your account, that is what I am doing.



We will be creating our own Curation Trail soon, and are Launching a Token today, which is part of what we were talking about in the OCD Community, when they starting taking about Dicks, asking to Marry my Husband and starting a discussion about having sex with their Clones when he explained how Clones are made, and it really seemed like everyone but the Moderators wanted him to continue (talking about what we are doing), he was even responding to them just to be nice even though they were admitting to be Trolls.

Then they removed him from the Discord.

I recently just ReHIVEd the OCD posts, and intended to direct people from the Coming HIVE Beauty Community to the OCD team to earn, particularly since it seemed to me like a friendly Welcome Wagon, but this is kind of disappointing and I wanted to see if we could discuss this with someone as HIVE is a small place, and we were told to tag people for this intro Post I was going to write but became this instead.