I'm just so damn happy I don't do leverage trading

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Mental illness I would call the last couple of days on the BTC market. Silicon Valley Bank on the verge of collapsing, USDC de-pegging, some countries here and there tightning their crypto regulations.

Seemed like the perfect storm was coming up before the weekend, closing the old CME gap running the markets off of a cliff going into Monday

Screenshot_20230312_234108_Brave.jpg But as the weekly close is getting closet, the more it feels like people are stepping into Bitcoin as their stable as a stablecoin and a bank are not acting that stable as you would hope and want as a normal customer.

It doesn't feel like a black Swan event enough as this was not even that deep as you would expect.

As always...I am just so happy I stay out of leverage and leave it be, because these kinds of charts are the way to get everyone rekt at all sides, because it all feels so sudden.

So spot seems the way to go now all leverage on all sides has been wiped again. That means room for stability and the way up (hopefully???).

As always, not making any moves but just stacking. Keep on stacking, there is no rush!

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