The Daily Leo #185 -Bitcoin Surge Causes Over $500M in Liquidations, Recovery of $3M from Harmony bridge hack

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GLOBAL MARKETS-Shares rise, yen climbs as BOJ battles bond bears

Shares firmed on Monday as optimism over corporate earnings and China's reopening offset concerns the Bank of Japan (BOJ) might temper its super-sized stimulus policy at a pivotal meeting this week, while a holiday in U.S. markets made for thin trading.

The yen climbed to its highest since May after rumours swirled...


Fintech firm Revolut calls in psychologists after criticism of its corporate culture

Britain’s most valuable fintech company, Revolut, is assembling a team to track whether staff are being “approachable” and “respectful”, as it tries to address criticism about an aggressive corporate culture and secure a UK banking licence.

While the crypto trading to payments company is valued at $33bn...

‘Bitcoin Surge Causes Over $500M in Liquidations, Highest in 3 Months

Crypto markets surged to regain the $1 trillion market capitalization mark over the weekend amid signs of bottoming and a record number of short liquidations contributing to the uptick.

Nearly $500 million in shorts, or bets against higher prices, were liquidated since Friday to mark the highest such levels since ...


Binance assists in recovering $3M from Harmony bridge hack

Binance assisted Huobi in recovering 124 Bitcoin (BTC) — worth $2.58 million — from the Harmony bridge hacker, according to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

The hacker previously tried to use Binance to launder the stolen funds, but the account was frozen ...

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NFT Transaction Taxation Guidelines Issued By Japan’s Tax Agency

Japan’s National Tax Agency has issued guidelines for the taxation of NFT transactions, including those involved in blockchain games. The authority published the guidelines, offering a simplified method to tax these transactions, which are numerous and frequent.

The NTA stated that “in-game currency (tokens) are frequently acquired and used, and it is complicated to evaluate each transaction.” As such, the taxation would only consider the total..

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Tanzania ‘cautious’ on CBDC adoption after initial research

Tanzania’s central bank says it is still considering the introduction of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) but will be a taking “phased, cautious and risk-based approach” after identifying several challenges that could impact its implementation...

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