December 2022 Statistics - Social Media Earnings

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5 months ago - 2 minutes read

Happy New Year my friends! I hope you had a lovely day, filled with cheer. I hope that you have your resolution in mind and I really wish that we all stay healthy for this new year. Everything else we can BUIDL together!

How did this year close for you? Did you have a positive outcome? Did it leave a good or a bad taste for you?

I have not given it much thought yet, there has been a lot to digest so it will take some time.

Nonetheless, the numbers are here and they do not lie.

Let's see together how my earnings for December were.



This has been the greatest earning site so far, and even without calculating the profits in $leo or other tokens. I am trying to find a good and fast way to keep everything noted down, I think I will have it sorted by next month.

My author rewards were less than last month, they fell to 92.73$ and curation rewards were 9.72$

What was great is that my HP and LP is increased, I see a good and steadily growing increase. I am also trying to take advantage of the low hive price, buying more hive with HBD.


I have a steady rate in Publish0x, since November when I started visiting the site again on a daily basis. My earnings were apx $3, which is ok because I could not make daily postings

You can see here more detailed stats for Publish0x: https://www.publish0x.com/katerinaramm/my-december-in-publish0x-xmyxlpd?a=y1aKpxJbQG


Well, this is something to be cleared out soon. I only made 0.42$ in December, but I only became a Medium Partner a few days ago so I need to find out more about it.

In general, I only keep detailed statistics since November, therefore it is not easy to know how the whole year has closed.

Biggest Earners were hive/leofinance!


My 2023 plans?

I will have separate goals for every medium and every platform and will check on them on a monthly basis. If you wish to see more about it, check out:

2022 Hive Recap

Have you seen your 2022 recap? If not, check it out here: https://recap.hivemeetup.online/

What I keep from this? Posts created: 365! A whole year of daily hive :)


How about you? Do you keep stats about your earnings? Do you set goals?

Let me know below and do share your stat link!

Thank you for visiting, let's connect!!

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