My review about the invite-only (rewarding in BCH) noise.app

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One of the most recent hypes is the decentralized social media, the web3 - rewarding platforms where the user can have complete control of their data etc. However, most of the people discussing this, may not know, that this has been a fact for many years now. There have been many platforms, some blockchain based, that have been rewarded their users for the produced content.

Today, I will be posting about a new social media platform, which may have been created to replace the microblogging site noise.cash.

I have known for this website for some time now, and I was searching for an invite (which I found eventually by someone in noise.cash) - I signed up and tried to communicate there but at first, I found the site to be very user-not-friendly. For starters, you needed to follow/be followed to be able to comment. Then, how could this work? I wondered.


Until I received a message .. That someone tried to donate BCH to me, but it was not possible.


Of course it was not, how could it? I had no bch addresses in

So I entered again and I input what I was asked to

  • BCH address
  • BTC address
  • Paypal address But to this point, I only received small amounts of BCH

More precisely, I have earned 10$ of BCH


But at this point, I need to note that I have seen reviews/posts of other users who have received far bigger amounts. Not that I am complaining, but it is not really clear how the tips are distributed.

Invite - Only - How to get an invite?

I have created an invite here for 10 ppl If more will enter, I will come back to edit it


Join Here


When someone uses your invite link, you immediately follow each other. So if you join with this link, we will be immediately 'friends' and I will also dm you some information to welcome you :)

After you create an account

You can upload content / photos & text & links You can share your or someone else's post

(i.e. this is a test twitter share of mine)



And if someone tries to follow, they will see this:


Should you join?

I think: Why not?

  • Save your nickname
  • Try it out and if you dont enjoy it, halt it
  • Build your network
  • Earn some extra BCH
  • Experiment with a new medium
  • Create Content / Be inspired
  • Its better to try it and reject it, than regret it later on
  • It is easy to use it on desktop or on mobile (there is also an android app)

You can check out also the recent post by @achim03 here

Do you already have a noise.app account? What do you think? It would be nice if there would also be a hive network there :) I ve seen @friendlymoose is also sharing some great content on noise app!

Let's connect: https://noise.app/katerinaramm

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