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Well if it works, this remains to be seen but I believe it has been created in order to facilitate the content creators not only to share content for the public, but also to be able to earn via memberships and via including premium content for their subscribers. Also, by having the 'heart-like' option separately from the 'upvote', it allows users with low VP (or new users) to be able to show support to the users they follow. To me, it looks a little bit like pinterest. I see a bunch of photographs in their front end, so it is photography-focused. If it will be embraced, it remains to be seen. If they will have their own token, this has not been shared yet. It's a start, but there have been many other innovative projects that just could not keep up with the updates.. Let's see :)
@gillianpearce & @tin.aung.soe this may answer your questions :)

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