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Hello, let's welcome this new month! September was a difficult month, there were too many responsibilities and too little time. Still, I tried to be daily active, even though not as long as I would like to.


Let's see how it went


Unfortunately I do not have all the information because I am working on what data I will be keeping on a monthly basis. What do you keep? Also the hive engine tokens? Do you do them one by one?

We see that in a month there was an increase in my HP of appx 205 HP, which is good and I believe that it can go even better.

Unfortunately, hivestats had an issue and did not present everything (I could not find my monthly author/curation rewards) I can guess that they were much smaller than last month.

I am very very disappointed with the extreme drop of the APR. Last month I would curate/upvote till I reached 40% in HP - this time I did not do that and even though I upvoted every day, it was so low... This can be improved starting today!

You can also check out your statistics via https://hivestats.io/

Thank you for visiting!

p.s. I am sick with a fever today but I did not want to skip my daily post/curation! I hope you are feeling ok, take care!

ps2: previous monthly report:

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