TUTORIAL - How to use liketu, the new social media platform on hive blockchain

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I was waiting for it since the day I saw this post and it is finally here!



Liketu- the brand new Hive-based front end that exists as an idea since 2018. Now it was time for it to become real! As per their introductory posts, the users will be able to tag their images, they will be able to spread 'synthetic likes' without expenses in their voting power and also distribute 'premium content' to their subscribers..

As it mentions:

Liketu is a social media platform that easily lets users create, share and monetize content on a blockchain network.

Let's put it to the test - together!

It is time to test it! I will share the process with you and feel free to comment below..

Visiting the site: https://liketu.com/

I like the colors and site aesthetics. Mild, easy to navigate and clear options.


I already see one familiar face .. @jongolson :)

At first we see photograph categories, clicking on a category you see all the images under th same tag. As we move down we see that we can select to see 'Trending' 'New' or 'Hot' photos.

Sign up or Log in!

If you dont have a hive account, you can sign up (but please check out hiveonboard because it is seems as if the service is not available) If you are reading this and wish to sign up, use this link to choose your sign up method https://signup.hive.io/


Logging in .. Let's see the options here;

The users have the options between using their private key or keychain


I will be using Keychain for this option

Options of liketu


Upload a photo/post

Click on the photograph to upload a post

My first post will be (randomly selected) with 2 small boats and the background of my city's old port.

This is what you see: Add images, title, content and up to 10 tags. On your right you can select 'Monetize Original Content' 0, 50 or 100% I am not sure what it is but I chose 100% :) And if you post NSFW (not safe for work) then you can tick that box. You also have the option to 'save draft' or 'post'

This time I will post but we can also save a few drafts and post when you dont have time to create content.


After posting

This is how the post appears


Your liketu posts will be appearing in your hive blog so if you do not want that, perhaps you should create a new account?


Interacting & Commenting!

You need to follow some creators to see them in your feed. I followed @jongolson.liketu and this is what you will notice :


Click n the heart for a simple like Click on the ^ to Upvote Click on the star to add to favorites (you can create a number of collections) Click on the three dots to unfollow or block/report


I recommend that you take a look at the settings before starting.


Perhaps setting a default weight and enable a slider?


If you click on your profile you will be able to edit it and check out your followers/following. I see that you start at point zero.


Hamburger Menu - Dashboard

You will find your dashboard after clicking on the hamburger menu. I am not sure what a creator's dashboard is but let's try it out


Apparently we will be able to monetize our content in multiple ways? Terms of Service:


I am confirming of course

I received a pending notification

Creator Account Pending

Thanks for registering as a creator on Liketu. Please wait a few minutes whilst we verify the transaction on the blockchain. You will receive a notification when it has completed.

Hamburger Menu - Collections

All images/posts that you will favorite (clicking the star) will be added here, and you can make different collection topics.

Hamburger Menu - Drafts

Here you will see all your draft posts

Hamburger Menu - Wallet

Here you can see your wallet and do the most important actions such as transfer/power up or down but also you get to see the memberships and income (more about that in a future post - we need to test more and see how this works)






Going back to my post I see that I can also upvote replies to my content, respond back etc! It sure looks easy to use!


Final Opinion

This sure looks very easy to use, and I liked the interface a lot. Sleek, simple and it does what it has been planned to do. It remains to see how users will respond to it and how this will operate with the 'Memberships' & 'Premium Content' I may use it with my alternative account, or create an account only to test it more thoroughly.

In the meantime, please tell me below if you will use it, if you do I will be happy to follow you there! Also pls share your questions so that me or maybe the team will want to respond to!

Thank you for visiting!

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