Welshstacker’s Share your coin challenge: American Silver Eagle

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@welshstacker's Rules.

  • share an original photo of your coin

  • tell the back story of where, when and how much you paid

  • tell me if youre happy with the purchase and what first drew you to the coin.

  • Do you have any anecdotes, fun facts or personal stories around this coin? Please share

The original post and rules are found, Here.

March 5th 2022, It was originally an unplanned bit of a short vacation. An overcast Saturday morning with the chores finished I gathered some cash from the Recycling fund, unplugged the car and headed out to the municipality of Richmond.

This was my second visit to the No. 3 road Western Coin and Stamp shop nestled just south of the Chinese community. I may just pick up some Asian goodies on the way.

This shop is also a known port of call of our dashing Vancouver Silver Stacking legend, @thedamus. And I wondered on the odds that we'd make a coincidental silver raid. R, the proprietor did confirm that a swarthy gentleman comes in regularly to clean out the Canadian silver dollars, especially the 1949 Newfoundland Ship dollars with some bullion on the side. Bilge Rats, he beat me to them.

It was then that I spotted a small bundle of plastic flips bound by a brown rubber bands. No more than ten American silver eagles. 😯

My stack is so underweight in Eagles, "How mu..." "$50 each." that's in CAD having already anticipated my query, "They came in just a few days ago."

Without hesitation I said, "I'll take two." I wanted the whole bundle but settled on two, a 2008 and 2010. They had some 'bag marks', some scratches, and similar toning as if the previous owner allowed these to slam dance into each other in a non-acid free treasure chest.

I almost get the impression that these ASEs may have belonged to thedamus. With premiums so high on these ASEs at the time it would be a logical decision for him to trade four ASEs for five lower premium Maples without paying an extra cent. 🤔

Now, I will show these two American silver eagles in HIS Beer, Burger n' Bullion style that we are most familiar with.

For my secondary objective, I've added a 1949 Canada Newfoundland Commemorative dollar from the Coin display, and a 1958 Canada British Columbia silver dollar from the junk silver bin. It was a small bin too.

I felt a wave satisfaction when I left the store. Stackitis relieved. No buyer's regret. And that's the story of this particular pair of Silver Eagles!

Adding American Silver Eagles to my Stack for that big Stormy day!