INSPIRED BY DEATH - Shocking and Sudden Farewell

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Let's be guided A SHOCKING TRUE LIFE STORY I kept thinking, wondering, pondering on the possible cause of this unbelievable News... Because he was filled with Life and agility, he never complained about any health Issues nor was he involved in any accident... Should I believe it or keep doubting

WHAT THEN CAN BE THE CAUSE? Did some few findings but no one would tell me the in total, so I had no option than to wait till Dawn where there'll be more informations circulating around... It was I, late in the night, with my thoughts 🀯

Can this be true? Where are you brother? What went wrong? Will I be told it's misinformation? I kept sending questions into the universe as I could no longer sleep, it didn't take long answers started coming back to me Answers like, Nothing is impossible, it can be true! He's in a state of quietness! News will be spread about what went wrong by to tommorow! Misinformation hardly comes by! Haven gotten so much replies I settled to wait for the next day to come it was 3am already just I and the universe interacting, so I decided to watch a YouTube video on MINDSET maintenance and before I knew it I dozed off and it's morning again

It's 6am I'm up again, how quick I thought. Did some chores played some song PREPARED to hit the road to church, getting there past 9 (late for service) I looked around and saw sadness in the eyes of my BRETHRENS. Listening to the teaching, sermon and hoping for a closing announcement. And the time finally came THE ANNOUNCEMENT πŸ˜” Minister on the pulpit read all announcement till it got to the one we've all been waiting for... IT WAS A TRAGIC AND PAINFUL DEATH...



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Goosebumps filled allot of bodies and there was some seconds of silence, and whispers followed immediately.. how things can happen so fast, just few months ago he lost his other job, and in search for other opportunities he found a lucrative job in the rivers and just barely 2weeks into his new found job he died 😀

It was a very sad one for the whole church, closing Prayers was done and the deceased was remember along side the bereaved. At the close of service some were being consoled already as they burst into tears, The deed is done and the creator has accepted a gentle, calm and wonderful Soul THIS IS WHERE WE'LL SAY FAREWELL TO OUR ABLE BROTHER, Bro. JULIUS, MAY YOUR SOUL FIND PEACE IN THE BOSSOM OF THE CREATOR... Amen

Thanks for coming thus far, it is with sadness in our hearts we are compiling this article... Peace and protection be unto us all and our Loved ones πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡, endeavor to check on others always and appreciate them personally too because tommorow is really not promised Till we meet on the street is Hive, take care and stay safe @khingstan Cares 🀴✌️