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since my last meme post seemed to go over sooo well i thought i'd just double down and post more. these are all totally original creations, but you know, i don't use meme templates cause image macros are soooo "do u have stairz in ur house" so if that's what you like, that's cool, but i ain't got em.

hotdogkitty.gif possibly my favorite, this is my face, and i replaced the original hot dog girl with me. those are the same hot dogs. it's not perfect, but i had barely done any animation stuff when i made it. the GTA wasted ending i thought was perfect, and it came to me after i'd finished the image (well, or so i thought) and i think it rounds it out nicely?

wargamesiii.gif i just thought WAGMI and WARGAMES seemed close, it needed the I so part 3. if i were making this sequel, this would 100% be how i would market it today online.

buymynuts.png no idea.

wellendaoed.png had to come up with DAO ideas, this was one. i just like the happy Kevin that i made. he's cute :D

tpearl.png for a site/app called Pearl. yeah, made me think of tampax. especially with those colors. don't tell me you didn't think it too.

makethedoubterssayunghhh.png make em say unghhhh

wagmiforadream.gif another WAGMI, but with Requiem for a Dream, cause you know, they don't really

catpictureohh.png cats and cats and cats

seelzfirst.gif Seelz, i have one of these adorable NFTs and i made this for fun one day

tygatough.png tyga pull-ups. seemed a little obvious but i'm not one to dodge the easy ones.

mario.png and this real free money dude with that riddler outfit is hilarious, i just saw it one day and thought i could stick someone else on it.

supposedly this next video might be super annoying. it took me a long time to make, and i had to listen on loop for hours, and i still like it, so.. i dunno LOL

credit for the background music and for some of the visuals to Malow Meme (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGENN-yt8PZNUX4JTBjUf9w), with the original music of course by The Weeknd, Blinding Lights.

i just like making stuff, and i tend to go for weird/oddball stuff more than like fall out of your chair and spill the cheetohs laughing stuff, but i hope you maybe enjoy seeing more of my creations^^

you can see tons more of my stuff at https://kitty.fourdown.org/media/videos/ and https://kitty.fourdown.org/media/images/

if you have like an nft project or a dao or something, and you want someone to just make a weird image or video, i'm your girl. if you just tell me about it, i might just make something.

here's one no one asked for and no one expected cause i'd never had any interaction with TempleDAO before. i just made this for no reason and posted it. who knows if they'll ever even see it. but still, i made it.



tyyyy have a great day <3