World’s Famous Hotel Accepts Bitcoin Payment

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The more the governments of different country try to ban crypto currency, the more popular and more it exposes how flawed their system is. It’s ironic that the government supports gambling, a platform that has a far much higher risk than bitcoin investments, but will ban cryptocurrency. As long as cryptocurrency is decentralized, they can’t stop it.


It’s really a great exciting time to see that despite the crypto crackdown, lots of people still have hope in crypto. It shows that the crypto community is really strong. This steadfast hope is what is going to drive us to a better financial future because we are trying to change the future and the world.

Crypto is gradually being adopted and accepted, it’s not easy but its worth it. We are currently seeing crypto adoption in sports, as FTX and Crypto.com are spending a lot of $$$$ for partnerships in the sport sector. Now, the world’s famous hotel, Pavilions Hotel and Resorts just started accepting bitcoin. They have partnered with crypto firms to enable their guests pay in BTC while booking. They just don’t get access to book their stay in bitcoin they also get access to buy properties on the Thai resort island of Phuket in Japan using bitcoin.

Although it has not been known if they convert their bitcoin to fiat after payment, or hold them. But because of the volatility of bitcoin, I guess they will have a method of making sure they don’t run out of loss while accepting and holding their bitcoin.

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