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Solana's instability is both laughable and suspicious.


I guess halting the chain is standard practice on Solana at this point

Literally 5 days ago, I wrote about something that concerns me greatly about the reliability of Solana. The chain is still running around 30 minutes behind and recording time on transactions that happen incorrectly. I thought by now they would have fixed the issue, but instead they just refer to this as a "feature" now. "Our chain doesn't follow wall-clock time. LOL

Today's complete halt of the Solana blockchain, where no new blocks were being produced for hours marks number 8 since the beginning of the year. In just 5 months the big bad Ethereum Killer has suffered 8 complete network outages and is still recording time incorrectly. How are applications and games supposed to successfully operate if the underlying blockchain can't even stay running?

Why is this absolute shit chain still in the top 10 market cap tokens? People are still obsessed with it, and venture capital is still pouring into this garbage. Horrendous design and lack of competence is a recipe for disaster, if you can't tell.


I just can't help but picture Solana as the Coyote that always gets fucked with by the roadrunner in that old cartoon. It's fast but can't seem to continue on the straight path because it keeps hitting walls. But why? This chain is supposed to be the most powerful blockchain combining database technology with blockchain tech.

The sad part is, Solana has the disadvantages of both blockchain and database tech, but the advantages of neither one. How long can venture capital billionaires keep this thing afloat? How many more outages will there be before people lose interested in even speculating on the price of SOL?

Look, this post is clearly just me making fun of Solana, and nothing more. If you support it and see it having an actual future other than price speculation, please change my mind. Drop a comment. Show me the way. I just can't get past the fact that this chain can't even keep track of the fucking time.


I couldn't help but share this incredible meme I made the other day again. It's so accurate that it makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time. Maybe they could have used these 6 hours or so of downtimes to uh... I dunno... FIX THE TIME TRACKING?! Maybe I'm just being ridiculous, but I don't really care. At this point, I want the chain to fail.

It's honestly laughable that they keep having these issues and doing nothing about them. What are the fixes? Where are the patches? I get that in the old days, you could just rip out the game cartridge, blow the dust out, and put it back in. That's not exactly how it works with blockchain. People don't like when you pause it and restart it. Just kinda looks shady.

If you're a die hard Solana supporter, I'm sorry but you should really re-evaluate what you're supporting. It's never going to be this infinitely scalable chain capable of being a database at the same time if it can't even stay running. It's fine though, they'll just tweet about it, validators will restart the chain, and the money will keep flowing in as always.

Nothing to see here.

Move along.

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