Day of Defeat Rug Pull | Hilariously Obvious Scam Worth $1.35 Million

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Day of Defeat crypto token on BNB Chain just rug pulled with $1.35 Million


$DOD Rug Pull

Day of Defeat was a cryptocurrency token built on BNB Chain that raised $1.35 Million and was rug pulled. A self-proclaimed "radical social experiment token" with hilariously-suspect tokenomics. It was "mathematically designed to give holders a 10,000,000X PRICE INCREASE" according to the website. Yes, this is literally the first sentence you read when you were able to visit this piece of dog shit website. Don't worry - the wayback machine has us covered so you'll get to take a peak inside it in a bit.

Before we dive into this absolutely blatant scam, I just have to say... The people that were stupid enough to fall for a guaranteed 10 MILLION X price increase... All deserve it. That's just stupid. Wouldn't everyone be billionaires or even trillionaires if that were even possible? You could have put in $10 and sold your DOD for $100,000,000. Someone dense enough to fall for that really needs to evaluate themselves and their entire life. Anyway - enough bashing those idiots. RIP to their wallets.


As I said, we are able to explore the now-dead website courtesy of the internet's time machine - the wayback machine. Grab yourself a beer or a blunt for this one. You're gunna need it.

Lesson number one: If you visit a crypto or NFT project and they talk about increasing the price of the token, don't invest. Guaranteed scam.

Lesson number two: If they say the words "we promise" at any point in any context, don't invest. Guaranteed scam. Their FAQ literally says "we promise the team will not redeem the fund pool".


You see, the way this supposed social experiment was going to work was... Every transaction was taxed 19% meaning if you sent $100, the receiving wallet would get $81. Sounds an awful lot like Safemoon or that stupid Squid Game token... man the amount of money people are willing to gamble with out of sheer greed is disgusting.

The 19% tax is split 4% to "marketing" and 15% to "transitional wallet" then to the "prize fund". Everything sent there was supposedly going to be sold for BUSD or BUSID according to their official whitepaper typo. lol. Then when the prize fund hit $100 million, someone would win it. But don't worry, they promised they won't touch it.


If you're looking at this, trying desperately to find the invest button... Leave lol. I'm making fun of it but this shit is really disgusting. People lost over $1 million due to people exploiting greed. This prize fund would unlock after 99 trillion tokens were burned and only 1 billion remained. I don't really get it but... You see my point.

This shit was whipped up by some genius high schoolers. Or just one guy in his mom's basement. Not judging. Just tryin to imagine the kind of person that came up with this and copy-pasted some Solidity code then started hyping it.


This social experiment was meant to play out until near the end of 2024 according to the roadman, when everyone was billionaires. The final hodlers would get access to the prize fund and everyone rides their golden yachts into the sunset. All of us plebs left here, poor, defeated, and wishing that we had bough day of defeat coin... Hahaha.

I didn't know this thing existed til I saw the CertiK Alert tweet. I read it and immediately said rug pull. In an instant, the token's price fell 96% and CertiK let the community know. It was too late.


$1.35 million worth of DOD tokens were sent to 2 wallet addresses - 0x2cbfda0600f26514b5715875aa4b273bf5edc775 and 0x404bc3bb20cfbea9ec7345f6e8b9321b67ed14d0. Both of them can be checked on bscscan because the blockchain doesn't lie. All of the tokens were swapped for BNB in chunks via pancakeswap. Have fun digging through those.


4 addresses received over 100 trillion of the tokens... Wait a minute... I though the max supply was 100 trillion. SUS.


After being swapped for BNB, the funds were distributed to even more hot wallets. These are fresh wallets with one or 2 transactions. So clearly they knew they should at least try to cover their tracks. The funny thing about the blockchain is... Everyone can see it. Everyone can see that those BNB eventually made it to Binance and were cashed out.

The question comes now... Were the accounts KYC'd? If so - it's s direct link back to stolen funds. Those people are not very good criminals. Remember guys, they promised they wouldn't take the money. So how could they?

Shortly after, they tweeted that they were hacked... Hmmm....


Clearly they are not very good at English. They specified it to be an "outside hacker" and supposedly reported to Binance and local authorities. They didn't bother saying "funds are safe" or anything like that. This is clearly just a cover your ass situation.

Rug pull funds. Make it look like we were hacked. Then yachts. Simple.


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