GM:FRENS | Prepare for Liftoff - 5 Hours til GM:Miner NFTs Drop!

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In just under 5 hours, the GM token rocket will launch with course set for moon. GM stands for Good Morning and GM:FRENS is the embodiment of that. GM is a revolutionary and super technically advanced token on the WAX blockchain. What makes it unique is that currently the only way to get GM is to use Threads here on LeoFinance. You have one opportunity to mine 6.9 GM every day by using the #gmfrens tag on Threads.

GM has been referred to as fun, weird, stupid, and everything you could imagine. I've told a few people IRL about it, that I'm building a social token and experimenting with gamificstion of engagement on 2 blockchains ... You can imagine the looks I get. But you know what's really beautiful about that? It doesn't matter. GM isn't about technical shit. GM is about engaging with others, and hopefully making their day just a little better by saying Good Morning to them. Joy is invaluable.


Confused about what I'm saying at this point? That's OK. You don't have to understand. Just like you don't have to understand how your posts on Hive work. Or how the Hive blockchain functions. Check out the GM:PAPER for a detailed explanation of the project. Now that you know what it is, check out the GM:Miner NFT announcement post.

These first edition genesis GM:Miner NFTs can be staked to earn passive GM every single day and they're only 1 HBD or 15 WAX. Now that you're prepared for the drop...

Check out this Threadstorm for a little guide on how to buy a GM:Miner NFT. It's that easy. If you need some WAX, you can get it as SWAP.WAX in Hive Engine. All funds raised from the sale of these NFTs is going to be converted to WAX and added to the GM/WAX liquidity pool. We are spawning a micro-economy of sorts. A super weird one.

Once the sale of GM:Miner NFTs concludes, you will be able to stake your shiny new NFTs. Don't worry, if you don't know what that means, it's pretty simple. There will be a guide with pictures ivery soon!

Thanks for your support. Grab a few miners. You won't regret it.

stay weird

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