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Amidst the ruins of a fallen world, Where once were cities, now only rubble, A lone green flower stands unfurled, Its brightness shining like a beacon, subtle.

Through storms and fires it did endure, Its roots deep in the scorched earth, Though death and destruction did obscure, It bloomed with a tenacious mirth.

For this flower was born to grow, To bloom amidst the harshest strife, To defy the odds and to show, That life can thrive even in the darkest time.

Like this flower, a person too, May survive a hard and trying life, Through struggles and hardships they push through, And rise above the pain and strife.

For just like this green flower so bold, They persevere and find a way, To grow and bloom, amidst the cold, And darkness that threatens to lead them astray.

In a world of chaos and decay, They stand tall, resilient and true, And from the ashes, they find a way, To grow and bloom, with a fierce and determined hue.

So let this flower be a guide, A symbol of strength and perseverance, For even in the darkest tide, We can survive, and rise above, with unwavering resilience.



I've said from the very beginning that this whole thing was a social experiment. Nothing more, nothing less. Definitely not something to invest in, and even the GM:Paper says these things.

I have great news for you frens, the experiment has concluded.

the results of the eXperiment?

It was a clear success. Let me eXplain.

What have we learned here?

A number of things. Number 1, the reputation is the heart of the artist. Number 2, it's completely possible to found a successful crypto project with no developer skills. Number 3, it is possible to create a movement and breed an entire culture with 2 fucking letters (GM). X

This is why I say - the eXperiment has concluded, and I'm very proud of what it turned into.

GM is the universal language.

GM means so much more than just Good Morning. GM means unity. GM means happiness. GM means Grow More. X

After all, if we're not growing, what are we doing? Never stop growing. Never stop trying. Never stop living. Never stop loving. Never stop smiling.

I'm spilled my soul into this project. It may look very simple from the outside, but it is very compleX. This project was extremely special to me. It was eating me alive.

All I wanted to do was create dope art and connect people. I did that. I learned so much. I Grew More. X

With all of this being said it's time to say GN to GM. GM:FRENS in it's current form has concluded, and it's very bittersweet.

Thank you for your support. It truly means the world to me to be able to share my art, heart, and soul with you.

Good night, frens.

Captain Howdy X






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