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GM:FRENS is a cross-blockchain social NFT experiment that lives on the WAX & Hive blockchains. You mine GM tokens by using the #gmfrens tag on Threads, once per day. The whole idea behind the project is to encourage users to use Threads, and interact with one another on a daily basis. Hive is already a very active community, but it's time to take that to the next level. My goal with this project is to get every single Hive user to use Threads at least once per day. Outside of that - it's to grow the activity on LeoFinance exponentially. I encourage you to visit the brand new GM:FRENS website and register your WAX wallet today!

The project launched a little over 4 months ago and there have been nearly 200 users that have used the tag at least once. We've minted over 1200 NFTs on WAX and that number is about to skyrocket even higher. The #gmfrens tag has been the number one trending tag on Threads literally since launch and I don't see that changing any time soon. Being able to farm a cryptocurrency by using a micro-blogging platform is pretty cool in and of itself, but when that token has actual value, it really changes things. You can trade your GM on Alcor Exchange right now, and I highly encourage you to add some liquidity to the pool if you support the project.



Today, I present to you the newest addition to the GM:FRENS NFT collection - GM:Cards. The first set of GM:Cards that will be available for minting is the Boost set. This set of Cards will boost your GM mining rewards on Threads when using the #gmfrens tag. These 2nd Edition GM:FRENS NFTs will allow you to mine even more GM tokens by saying GM to your frens. They are hand-crafted, 100% vegan, gluten free, and even BPA free. They're also 100% carbon-neutral.

All jokes aside, a ton of work has gone into this new set and I'm super proud to share it with all my frens. I've done my absolute best to keep the cost of these NFTs very low so no one feels like it's too expensive, while trying to maintain some sort of revenue for growth. Creating projects like this is not free, and actually takes a great deal of resources. There are also various other costs to maintain the collection, NFT staking rewards, WAX blockchain resources, and so on... With that being said though, we appreciate every bit of support that comes from the community. This project would be nothing without you. So - without further ado... Here's your first look at the GM:Cards Boost set.


But ser, how do I get them?

I'm glad you asked, fren. At this point, you're probably frantically trying to figure out how to get your hands on them. Don't worry though, the GM:Cards Boost set will be available at 4:20 AM EST on 1/22/2023. They can only be obtained by blending GM:FRENS NFTs & GM tokens, of course. This time, we're doing things a little bit different though. How? Well, we're doing the whole release and blending all through NeftyBlocks because... We are officially verified & GM is listed as a payment method on NeftyBlocks. No more visiting 2 different platforms just to get your NFTs and blend them. This can now all be done on the GM:FRENS collection page on NeftyBlocks.

This may not sound like that big of a deal, but NeftyBlocks is the second largest NFT marketplace for the WAX blockchain. Verification on AtomicHub, which is the largest NFT marketplace for WAX, is also in the works. This means that the GM:FRENS collection is now listed for the world to see on NeftyBlocks, and soon AtomicHub. It's surprisingly hard to accomplish this, which is a good thing because they make sure you're not doing shit like scamming or stealing art. Ok, I'll stop rambling. On to the good stuff.

GM:Cards Blending

All Boost cards require blending in order to mint. Each level requires a different amount of GM & NFTs, but don't worry... It's very easy to do on the NeftyBlocks interface as opposed to the WAXDAO interface we were using for previous blends. GM:Cards Boost set blend details:

  • GM:Boost1.2 = 3 GM:CHRXSTMAS NFTs + 3333 GM
  • GM:Boost1.5 = 4 GM:Boost1.2 NFTs + 4444 GM
  • GM:Boost1.7 = 3 GM:Boost1.5 NFTs + 5555 GM
  • GM:Boost1.9 = 2 GM:Boost1.7 NFTs + 6666 GM
  • GM:MegaBoost = 2 GM:Boost1.9 NFTs + 9999 GM

As you can see, you are going to need a lot of the GM:CHRXSTMAS NFTs & GM. Unfortunately the holidays took up a lot of my time and I wasn't able to get a post out about the importance of these NFTs. I also made a mistake when creating them and set the max supply at 420 NFTs. If you look at the above blend recipes, you will quickly realize that if a few people start blending away, the supply will run out pretty quickly. To remedy my mistake here, I've decided to create a new template of the GM:CHRXSTMAS NFTs with an unlimited supply for blending purposes. Before you flip out about there being a copy created, I've locked & closed the old version so they can't be minted anymore. The new version is named GM:CHRXSTMAS.5 and has different updated metadata. If you bought them, you can still use them for blending. You can also burn them and I will issue new NFTs to you for free if you choose to do so.


Now that you understand how this works, it's time to get to blending. You can head to the GM:FRENS Blends page to get started. If you need to mint NFTs for blending, you can click on the Drops page to get them. Once you have your NFTs and the appropriate amount of GM in your wallet, the blending is stupid easy now. Just click on the NFT you want to blend on the Blends page and click "Auto Select". NeftyBlocks will detect all NFTs in your wallet and your GM necessary for blending, and select them for you. Then all you have to do is click the Claim button and confirm the transaction with your wallet. No more 5 clicks and multiple transactions!


Revenue + Updates

50% of all GM from blending will be burned. 20% of GM & WAX from blending GM:Cards will go straight into the GM/WAX liquidity pool on Alcor Exchange. The remaining 30% of GM & WAX from blending will go to the team and DAO wallet for resources. We like to be transparent and show that these funds are actually being used to further the project. It's the blockchain, and you can see where all of it goes if you are so inclined. Thus far, all funds from NFT drops & blends have gone straight back into the project in some fashion. Token burns, NFT staking rewards, NEFTY tokens to get access to better features, and more are all possible because of our supporters.

We've got tons of ideas and things we are working on slowly in the background. All I can say is... 2023 is gunna be a fun year for GM:FRENS, and it's all thanks to you. The people that use the tag every day. The people that mint, stake, and blend NFTs. The people that continue to spread the universal GM language and continue engaging every day. I smile every day when I wake up and see all the people on Threads saying GM, so please... Keep doing that. Regardless if there's a reward, it makes people smile. That's what it's all about.

I would love to use some earnings to buy LEO for the @gmfrens account to power up too. This would allow more LEO to be distributed to people using the #gmfrens tag on Threads. The account only votes on thread that include the tag, which means you not only mine GM... but you can also get votes that pay out LEO. If we start using funds to buy LEO and power up that account, those votes could grow pretty quickly. If this sounds like a good idea to you, please let me know in the comments.

Still confused?

Everything you need to know can be found on the GM:FRENS profile @gmfrens as well as the GM:FRENS Website. I highly encourage you to take a dive into the brand new Micro-Blogging platform on Hive, Threads. It has completely changed the game for Hive as a whole, and it needs more users. Think of it as a better version of Twitter on the blockchain. We even have an Edit button that you don't have to pay for, unlike Twitter! It's a fun time, and you can literally share whatever you want so please go and send out your first Thread! I'll show some love with a fat vote πŸ’šπŸ˜΅

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