Solana is Building a Smartphone... Why Though?

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Yeah you read the title right. Solana is building a smartphone to "speed web3 adoption". While your first reaction might be that this is great, you have to remember that Solana can't even get their blockchain to run properly... Yet they're going to spend time and resources to try to build a phone. What a stupid move on their part....

I worked in telecom dealing with cell phones for 8 years, and have seen what happens when big companies think they can just make a phone that will be successful. 10 out of 10 of those phones end up selling miniscule amounts and most of them also have major issues. It reminds me of Amazon releasing the Fire Phone, and you know how big Amazon is.

There have been countless attempts from non-smartphone companies to create smartphones but the simple fact is... If you're not Samsung, Apple, or Sony then you really have no chance of your device being successful. Add the fact that the Solana blockchain is plagued with issues... and you have a recipe for a giant waste of money.


This supposed phone-to-be is available for pre-order now with a 100 USDC deposit. The fact that is says these will be shipping in Q1 of next year looks a little suspect to me. Knowing how insane of a process it is to design, engineer, and manufacture a smartphone... That timeline just seems insane. That's literally 6-8 months away. I have so many questions.

According to the website they teamed up with OSOM to make this a reality. OSOM seems to be a fairly new smartphone company, so I'm a little skeptical. Solana is probably just paying them to slap Solana support onto a device they've already designed. It's supposedly going to have flagship-level specs, so I expect that to mean an 8th gen Snapdragon chipset, a really good camera, and a decent amount of RAM.

Usually with flagship-level specs, comes a flagship-level price... Probably something to the tune of around $1,000 or more. I guess at least you get a free Saga Pass NFT with the phone, whatever that is.


The one interesting thing to me is that it's going to have a secure element that stores your private keys. HTC did something like this when they were still relevant, and Samsung did too. It's not new, it's just refreshing to see in a phone that's going to be only used by crypto bros. Like, literally, who else is going to buy the Solana phone? No one.

It's even going to come with a built in dApp storefront, which I imagine will just be a browser. We don't really know what this whole clusterfuck is going to look like, but I'd be willing to bet it's not going to be great. Coming from a company I've never heard of, combined with the blockchain that likes to halt randomly, I just don't see a great future for it.

I wonder if the phone's time will be affected when the blockchain's clock falls out of sync with "wall clock time"... lol

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