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Taco App

If you've ever used the WAX blockchain, you have probably heard of Taco. If not, you may be thinking to yourself... What the hell is Taco? The only Taco I know is Taco Bell. Well, Taco is a crazy useful app for the WAX blockchain and I'm here to show you why you should use it. First off - there's not a ton of tools out there for managing WAX based tokens in your wallet. Most of the tools on WAX are focused on NFTs which is to be expected.

When you download the Taco App, you sign in with WAX cloud wallet or whichever other wallet like Anchor. Then you're ready to manage your WAX wallet from your phone in just a couple seconds. What do I mean by this? Well, Taco has a lot of tools and more being built. Recently they launched Taco Swap, which is a Decentralized Exchange similar to Alcor.exchange. Of course, it is in beta so use at your own risk.


Right in the Taco App, you can swap between different tokens instantly with a 0.5% fee. Pretty sweet, if you ask me. I hate having to use a bunch of different websites tk manage this stuff. The best part? GM from @gmfrens is available for trading in the app as well! The only project built on Threads, funded by the LeoFinance community is now trading on Taco.

For other tokens with more liquidity pools, you can choose from any of them. Some day, GM may have more trading pairs. We shall see. You can also send and request any token from within the app. No need to manually add tokens, it automatically recognizes custom tokens and lets you interact with them.


The Taco App even has more utility tools you can add to the app by spending TACO tokens. TACO can be claimed for free every hour too so get to stacking! Different utilities such as NFT platforms like AtomicHub and an NFT music player are available. There's also an add on for transaction history and even tools for different apps like BluDAC.

Different games in the WAX blockchain also have Taco tools available like Alien Worlds. There's add ons for Farming Tales, R-Planet, and a variety of other games on WAX. The list is actively expanding, and each add on costs a certain amount of TACO. Can't wait for WAXDAO to have an add on for the Taco App.


Perhaps the most simple, but most useful feature in the Taco App... The resource manager. Not only can you stake and unstake WAX for different resources, but you can rent CPU as well. All right in the settings page of the app.


Taco Swap has not been fully integrated into the app just yet, so I highly recommend taking a peak at the website. Swapping tokens can be done in the app, but there's a lot more to it than just that.

Of course you can add and remove liquidity from pools, but you can also stake tokens in the SALSA pools. These are single staking pools that get you benefits like having reduced swap fees.


Feeling a little degenerate? There's some yield farming pools called MEAL pools where you can stake LP tokens for certain pairs to earn additional reward. Just remember - impermanent loss can really hurt if you don't know what you're doing.


The APY on these pools look absolutely juicy all the way up to 900%,just make sure you do some research before diving in. I've been using the Taco app since it was launched and it has been evolving in the right direction. Definitely the most useful app for WAX I've ever seen, and I encourage you to take a look at it.

If you use WAX at all, this app is a must have.

Thanks for reading. I wrote this on my phone so sorry about formatting, etc...

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