The Daily LEO #88.5 | The FED Edition Update

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Hawkish 'Higher For Longer' Signal With DotPlot

Fed Pivot narratives have imploded along with risk-asset prices as 'peak inflation' guesses failed to appear and at the same time growth fears were resurrected prompting growing fears of stagflation and a post-Jackson-Hole uber-hawkish Fed....

"Forceful and rapid" steps to moderate demand

"There's only modest evidence that the labor market has cooled. In light of the high inflation that we're seeing, we think that we'll need to bring the federal funds rate to a restrictive level and...

Big slowdown in economy and rising unemployment

A slowing economy would curb hiring and induce more layoffs as businesses faced the prospect of slower sales. The Fed wants to cool off a scorching labor market in which worker shortages are rapidly driving up wages and adding...

Oil prices record third weekly rise in the U.S.

The Fed’s tightening campaign is weighing on stocks and sending the U.S. dollar and Treasury yields higher. The leading benchmark indexes are down across the board, with the Nasdaq Composite Index in a..

U.S. existing home sales down in August

For the seventh straight month in a row, existing-home sales have continued to show a down-trend. Falling another 0.4% in August, we are seeing the lowest recorded home sales since November 2015. Despite sales being down, prices continue to rise...

Oil prices record third weekly rise in the U.S.

Oil prices are trending lower after three consecutive weeks of rising due to a number of happenings in the market. Oil prices lie "at the mercy" of the Fed rate decision late Wednesday, and traders are looking for a rate hike of at least 75 basis points. Some are expecting a rate hike of at least 100 basis points...

Coinbase Cloud debuts Web3 developer platform

Coinbase Cloud has officially rolled out its Web3 developer platform, allowing users to build new decentralized applications free of charge. The new developer platform called Node allows users to create and monitor web3 applications with access to the Ethereum blockchain. Coinbase Cloud was created to provide developers with familiar tools to build decentralized products...

Digital bank FV Bank integrates USDC stablecoin for direct deposits

Global digital banke FV is the latest financial platform to integrate USDC (USD Coin), which is a stablecoin backed by Circle. Users will be able to deposit USDC, which is instantly and automatically converted in the USD and deposited into their account. After the launch of USDC support, FV plans to launch it's own custody service...

LeoThreads v0.4 | Threads on Profile Pages, New Feeds and 10x The Performance

LeoThreads is the hottest new feature to hit LeoFinance and Hive as a whole. Threads is true micoblogging on the Hive blockchain and is literally changing the way people use the platform as a whole. Since the open beta release about a month ago, there have been constant updates and improvements...

Live Threads Tutorial: How to Create Your First Microblog on Hive

Learning to use new features on the Hive blockchain can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Check out this clip that shows you how to start microblogging today on a censorship-resistant blockchain in just a couple minutes. Threads is the Twitter competitor on the blockchain that's making waves and you can learn to use it...

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