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Welcome frens

This post is for @leofinance Call to Action: Share Your LeoFinance Crypto Earning Experience. The purpose of this is to introduce potential new users to the amazing world of Hive and LeoFinance. IF you're new here and have never heard of LeoFinance, it is a blogging platform focused around crypto and finance. Users are able to post anything in a uncensored fashion and earn crypto. Users earn crypto from other users voting, reblogging, and commenting on their posts. Not only do you earn HIVE (native cryptocurrency) and HBD (Hive Dollars), but by using LeoFinance you can earn LEO tokens as well. So by sharing 1 single post via the LeoFinance platform you can potentially earn 3 different cryptocurrencies and that doesn't even include the other community tokens.


My experience

Personally, I have only been using LeoFinance for a few months. Prior I have been using Hive and before that the infamous Steemit. I have to say - I have never felt more at home here on Hive (LeoFinance is a Hive front end) because I'm able to share whatever I want. I'm a hardcore nerd and I love crypto and NFTs so I fit right in here. The LeoFinance community is so encouraging and kind. Everyone wants to help eachother win - and that's what it's all about. You can start investing in LeoFinance to earn crypto with literally no money. All you need is a little time and some cool things to write about. There's also a plethora of knowledge here that can help you invest outside of the platform to earn money. So instead of throwing $100 at X shitcoin, you can invest some time and earn LEO to improve your reputation. With higher reputation, your votes are worth more. So as you build, you're able to help other users build and grow too. It all comes full circle. You an even earn from curating good quality content. This means you don't even have to post. IF you don't feel like posting, you can earn curation rewards proportional to your LEO power.


Why you should try it

If you're new here and just reading this from another website or whatever - let me tell you why you should invest your time here. LeoFinance is a small community compared to something like ~~Facebook~~ Meta. Meta doesn't even let users earn from their content that they share every day. Instead, they sell your data to marketing companies so they can push more and more targeted ads to you in hopes that you'll spend money. Meta's only focus is mining as much profit from its users as possible and they do this without telling their users. Surely you agree to it in the terms of service, but who reads those anyway? Wanna post something slightly controversial? Good luck doing that on Meta. They will ban you and censor you so hard that you won't even know you've been censored. This is called being shadow banned... On Hive, no one controls what you post. There is a downvoting system for stuff such as blatant spam or other crap. So instead of posting your favorite shitcoin that you bought thinking it's going to 100x on Meta, post it here. Earn from your content. Don't be a slave to the old version of social media.


Ways to earn

There's so many different ways to earn on LeoFinance/Hive. I already mentioned posting ,commenting, curating, and all that good stuff. There's also different Tribes (communities) on Hive that you can tag your posts in. For example, if you're posting something you want more of a general audience to see, tag 'proofofbrain' on your post and you'll earn yet another crypto token on that post. Now we're up to 4 different crypto tokens earned off 1 single post. Yes, you read that right. My post on LeoFinance tagged with'proofofbrain" will now pay out in HIVE, HBD, LEO, and POB tokens. This is just scratching the surface of what LeoFinance/Hive is capable of. All you need to get started is time to invest. Everyone has time. The question is - how do you want to spend it? Wanna mess with some crypto trading or DeFi? LeoFinance team has you covered, head over the LeoDEX for trading and Cub Finance for all your DeFi stuff. All accessible in the LEO apps tab at the top of your screen.


So what are you waiting for?

Click the "Get Started" button at the top of the page and sign up using your Twitter account. It's as easy as that. Now get out there and earn some crypto. I'll see you on the other side.

much love.


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