Recruiting content team members for LBI (2 spots open)

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Hello, LBIers. With any project, we cant expect things to be plain sailing all the time and we gotta hit a few bumps in the road to make the journey worthwhile. Some bad news today for everyone. Hetty has pretty much handed in her notice and will be standing down from the LBI content team. She's not put a time on it yet but im thinking she is thinking sooner than later. She has done a fantastic job for us uploading 3 posts per week since launch and feels the best thing I can do is to start and look for her replacement asap. She wrote a post from her personal account yesterday explaining a few things and I understand fully why she has made this decision. As I said, she has done a great job for us, put out some really well-written content, she puts in hours of research for her content to ensure she's sharing correct information. Hetty does the bulk of our content currently and puts out the best content posts for us. My uploads are mainly reports and Taskmaster4450 shills LBI, we can both do this in our sleep but we're gonna need to fill that gap Sun-Tue with really good content.


Why is Hetty leaving?

I said one of her dogs looks cock-eyed and she threw a hissy fit, told me she was quitting LBI and blocked me on discord. Joking, of course, her dogs are beautiful and im trying to add a little humour into a sad post. For you reading, you might think who cares? Anyone can produce content and your right but to me, Hetty is more than someone in the content team, she was an LBI consultant as well. We spend many hours on discord going back and forth chatting, I mean maybe 10+ per week and I'll miss that as most of our chats started off with someone LBI related. I have 1 less person who I'll get honest feedback from. She understands the LBI model based on SPI's and she thinks long term. She saw what I did with SPI and knows exactly what im talking about and why I suggest things when I throw idea's at her for feedback. I dont expect to replace this part of what she did for LBI but hey, she was deffo more than a content producer for LBI backhind the scenes and I thought I'd let you guys know that.

She's moving on because her heart is not in it anymore. It's been 16 months since LBI launched and she's been here from the start uploading 3 times per week, every week. She's finding it hard to find the time as her workload has increased alot since launch and it's time for her to regroup and focus on her own personal stuff. That's the short of it. Bummer.

Ok, so we move on.

Hetty who?


. . .


To everyone reading, I have an excellent opportunity for fellow LBI token holders to get more involved with LBI by securing a limited spot on the LBI content team. Can you write posts about crypto? (proper posts, not rewriting a news article you've seen on your crypto news app), are you good at pulling up stats and producing informational content? Are you any good at making videos?, could you produce an LBI/LEO themed weekly newsletter? There are 1000 things to write about. There are no guidelines, pretty much anyone is welcome if they can prove to be a decent content producer. The proof will be your past posts, your posting consistency and of course the quality of your work. We dont require a 30-minute Zoom meeting and a copy of your passport.

LBI is one of the top-earning accounts on LeoFinance and our content is seen by lots of people. If you think you have something to share, think you can add value and of course, add to your own reputation, this is your chance to put your hand up and make your voice heard.

There are LBI token incentives as well for content team members. Content is our biggest income on LBI when we add LEO and HIVE rewards together. I understand that people need to be motivated to keep pushing and think the rewards are justified. The content team rewards are performance-driven meaning rewards are issued only when the price of the LBI token increases past certain targets. We have already issued rewards for 1.20 and 1.50 LEO valued LBI and the next rewards will be issued when the LBI token is valued at 2 LEO per token. Currently, LBI is sitting on 1.71 LEO so almost halfway to the next target. Oh, and rewards increase as well, the 2 LEO per LBI reward will be the same as 1.20 & 1.50 combined. Having a quick look, the rewards issued will be 2082 LBI to each content team member. Yeah, now I have your attention, right?

Performance-related incentives

Content team


There are 4 more targets to hit and the hope is that when all 6 targets are achieved, LBI will not be as dependent on earnings and can explore the idea of a reward split but that's a long time away. The rewards for 2 LEO and 3 LEO LBI will be 2,082, 4 LEO LBI will be 3,470 and 5 LEO LBI, 4,164 LBI tokens. That's a total of 11,798 per content team member still to be issued as price targets are hit. There are 2 spots open, ideally 2 days each between Sun-Tue and Thursday.

If you are interested, please reach out in the comments below or to me on discord silverstackeruk#3236.

I understand we dont want to be handing out the posting key to any Tom, Dick or Hetty because damage could be done if someone wanted to. There are other things as well, simple etiquette and this will be talked about when chatting with me. Feel free to reach out to taskmaster4450 as well if you are already friendly with him, he knows about as much about LBI and its requirements as I do.

It's a downer to see Hetty leave us, there are some big shoes to fill. If you up for it and enjoy a challenge, hit me up.

Thanks for taking the time to read our post today. I look forward to your comments and questions.

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