What sorts of things do you collect?

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7 months ago - 5 minutes read

Hello, LBIers. Today im going off-topic and not really chatting about anything to do with money. Well, it's little to do with money but more to do with passion. Many of us when we were kids collected trading cards, magazines, sticker books, marbles, pogs and then whatever girls collect, I dunno,... Beanie Babies are thimbles I guess. Most will have collected things as children and brought that habit into their adult lives and today I'd just like to know what types of things people collect just for why not?


We all collect crypto, mostly because we want to make money but the past 12 months have not been nice to us as we watch the dollar value drop. The great thing about these times are your crypto stack/collection gets bigger but you only see the $ value drop. I say it's great because when the bullrun returns and prices get back to what they were and higher, you add another 0 to what you had before. Easy, add a 0 to your net worth every 4 years 😏 I dont think we can count crypto as a collection, maybe NFTs.

To give you an example, one of the first things I collected as an adult was Zippo lights. I went through a phase and bought around 30 of them over 3-4 years and not only now for maybe 18 years. I'd look to show some pics but they are in the roofspace in a box under another box in 1 of 3-4 piles of boxes so... The 1st few I bought were nothing special, got a nice Jack Daniels which become my everyday. The last 2 I bought were my most expensive and I imported them from America as they were not for sale in the UK. They were a 1960-something Coke Zippo and a 1970-something Mickey Mouse Zippo. I paid around £400 for each back then, 18 years back.


I'd be scared to check now, I dont think it was a wise investment but I dont really care to be honest. I bought those Zippos, all my Zippos cause I liked them. I one in a wooden case, table Zippo's on stands, slim Zippo and even a Zippo that was gifted that is marked as produced, Feb 1985 which is when i was born.

I collected stamps on my passport for a few years and then i found BTC in 2013. I bought some for a few months, lost it to mtGox and started to research silver and gold as my thinking was this BTC thing was shit if you can lose it so easy and someone cant hack a silver kilo bar from me.

From this time, sometime in 2014, I became silverstackeruk. I wanted to buy silver bullion as a way to save money. There are no local coin shops locally to me and selling can only be done by selling it online as not liquid at all which was perfect for me. I started to buy as a saver but after a few months, i was too far gone down the rabbit hole. Spending too much time on forums chatting with people, checking around all different bullion sites window shopping, looking for deals. I slipped over from saver to collector very quickly and bought everything I liked the look of. I ended up with buying into around 13-14 different series of coins to buy each year and i was buying 5-50 of each coin. I to be honest have some amazing stuff. Here's a snippet.


Infact, here's a pic I used to win a silver stacking content. The contest was to stack silver. I won out of maybe 30 people, can't remember what I won. STEEM I guess. Just looking at it now, there are about 350 oz of silver there 🤣


Well, I collected silver and a few bits of gold pretty hardcore from 2014 until 2019 and since then I've only been buying 15-20 one time per year and I buy any hand-poured stuff my stacking buddy in England does for me. Such this time, my money has been going into mostly crypto.

More recently, I got into watching some youtube watch guy and now im into watches. It all started about 6 months back and I have only bought 2 watches to dip my toe but my wife knows me well. She said to me after I bought the 1st watch, this is one of those things you're going to be into for a few years and each time to buy a new watch, it has to be more expensive than the last. I answered back with a quick.


This is the start of my watch journey/collection and the end goal is something that costs around £20k. You might think that sounds stupid but we get into weird things and people blow more on cars to only drive at the weekend, there's maybe more material to a car (plus a car can tell you the time) when compared to a watch but the engineering that went into the watch would be about the same.

So far I have bought a Metal G-shock GM2100. Cant go wrong with a Casio watch.


And then i bought a Tissot PRX. The one below is the automatic version but they look the same with mine being powered with a battery and about £300 cheaper. Im glad i never made this my first automatic watch because its a little to big for my wrist and I'll likely pawn it off as a gift sometime, lol. Nice watch all the same.


Next, I want a Hamilton automatic and im willing to spend up to £1000 but for the next one, I'll go to see it in a shop instead of buying it online. Returns are always offered but im a lazy guy.

That's a few of the things I have collected, I just remembered that I have a huge collection of fridge magnets, I did a bunch of travelling from ages 23-26 and bought a magnet in each country I went to and all the Islands I visited around Southern Asia. Good times.

I know this post has little to do with LBI or even money but sometimes it's good to just get some interaction going in the comments. We've all collected things and I'd bet some of us will be collected to some stuff of things and that can spark a convo that builds into a relationship.


Anyways, I need to go to bed now, I'll check back on the comments in about 18 hours from now. I look forward to reading the comments and have a great day.

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