Security should be at the forefront of all as Technology

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Security used to be one of the minor focused aspects of security before now as it is prone to be overlooked as little attention has been paid to it. However, since security incidents keep rising and the wide range of products has an alternative, more organisations have taken security much more seriously than ever before. Security is no longer an option as it has evolved into a must-have for all organisations today.

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Firms believe that once their application or system has been launched on a particular cloud service or blockchain, it's the sole responsibility of that cloud service provider or security measures configured on that blockchain to ensure its security. The advancement in technology and the numerous third-party security applications and systems have brought to light that security is the job of everyone involved with that project or product.

From the CSP to the organisation and its employee, the burden of ensuring the security of a product rest on the shoulders of everyone. Firms adhere to the norms of ensuring that they are certified by some Security standards while ensuring that their staff gets appropriate security training and awareness. Most firms extend this security awareness to their clients and firms that outsource some of their services.

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Governments are taking more proactive approaches to ensure that firms handle information correctly and securely. Also, the privacy of this information has been aggressively worked on to ensure that information obtained from firms' clients and the public is secure and not disclosed to unauthorised parties. Most advanced country of the written down and enforced laws which all firms must abide by. In the USA, laws regarding security are state created and owned.

In my country Nigeria, The government, through the Apex bank (Central Bank), has enforced a rule that money deposit firms and some Fintechs are security inclined. Standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 2000, and COBIT framework as been made mandated for this firm to have This way, all firms are mandated to ensure that they put all that is required by this standard into play and abide by it. Aside from this organisation being monitored by International bodies, The CBN also do their own monitoring.

The whole concept I am trying to paint is that security should not be considered last in any technological buildup. Still, instead, it should be something to be considered first and foremost before anything is built. Security should be viewed differently as a concept that keeps changing since hackers and technology is also evolving.

In a nutshell, everyone should be security aware regardless of wherever they find themselves.

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