🍀🍀🍀Splinterlands Card Giveaway #21 by @leo-hive win up to 5 cards daily🍀🍀🍀

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3 months ago - 2 minutes read

Hello my friends and welcome to our daily Splinterlands Giveaway where we will be spinning the wheel where one person could win up to 5 splinterlands cards!!

. ​. . ​. . I appreciate everyone that has been entering these giveaways and look forward to growing on Hive together!

Congratulations to @h4rr1s who won our last giveaway and won LICHEN BEAST

The rules have changed some but are simple and here is how you play.

No upvote is required to play to follow the hive guidelines.

I Will put everyone on the wheel that has entered my giveaways starting with giveaway #16 and followers (i will put a tag list at the bottom of each giveaway) and if you did all the following -commented, followed, reblogged, or upvoted **this post **and are the winner you will win all 5 cards listed below. . . . . .


(the CHARLOK MINOTAUR will be won if you did all of the following - upvoted this post ,commented this post, are a current follower and reblogged this post) . . . . . . MERDHAMPIR

(the MERDHAMPIR will be won if you commented on this post) . . . . . . GARGOYA LION

(the GARGOYA LION will be won if you are a current follower) . . . . . . ANTOID PLATOON

(the ANTOID PLATOON will be won if you upvoted this post with 100% or .001 or higher) . . . . . . SUNKAI HARVESTER

(the SUNKAI HARVESTER will be won if you reblogged this post) . . . . . . If the winner did none of these actions they will win a consolation prize of 10 DEC

Have fun and Good luck!

If you have never won a splinterlands card from me comment below and i will send one of my choosing to you.

Here is the taglist below (if you want to be excluded from my games let me know and i will take you off)

Tag List

@abduljawad002 @aboutheraklion @abu78 @alexis666 @augusto-cordova @baburamg @bcarolan639 @beauty197 @bitandi @blazoblaz @blessedkid-121 @blitzzzz @candnpg @cimmeron @circlebubble @city-of-dresden @cransi @crimianales @dadspardan @daethical @dagz @danideuder @djbagman @dk1trade @dksart @doitvoluntarily @ebastion @ecency @edongdong @engilhramn @enmaoro @esteemapp @flummi97 @gogreenbuddy @good-karma @harharhar @henruc @hive-world @hoosie @hope-on-fire @ianballantine @ijelady @ivanslait @jats-0 @jesus-son @jfang003 @katerinaramm @kid.miniatures @kimbuhay @kryptofire @ladymisa @leo-fairy @lizanomadsoul @logen9f @lorddiablo @lyon-89 @mango-juice @manncpt @monsterbuster @no-advice @noctury @nors22 @nurodan @oelscheich @olaf.gui @outwars @parung76 @phasewalker @pishio @philnews.xyz @princessbusayo @photographercr @pulubengdugs @raphaelle @rimurutempest @russia-btc @schlotti @shawnnft @shinkurisu @theacks @thebighigg @thedoc07 @thegoliath @tinyputerboy @tydynrain @ubani @vaynard86 @waynechuasy @xdariiz @yisusth @zealous4evergregory-f @uveee @jdike @subido @alexvan @tabs1250 @h4rr1s @kryptogeier1 @kryptogeier @iamchessguy