LEO Hit $1, Wen LEO $1 Again?

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In peak bull market last year, LEO hit $1. This was an astronomical moment for our community. We had spent so much time building amazing tech and building our community from the ground up. Then, we saw the fruits of our labor.

The bear market hit the fringest of altcoins first. This coinciding with DeFi taking a massive blow as well and LEO got hit really hard and really early.

Sentiment dropped but activity did not. We're seeing More activity on LeoFinance from a social transaction perspective than ever before.

The recent launch of Threads is at the core of that. We're still in early access and haven't even released the new UI for it.

Once the UI is out, we have a feeling that usage of LeoFinance & LeoThreads will be at all-time highs - even higher than when LEO hit $1.

Wen Return to $1?

Right now, it's time to build. This is something I've always talked about. Build up in the bear market, make profits in the bull market. Rinse and repeat.

Devs are much easier to hire and find in this market environment. It's so incredible to see how much talent we've been able to pull onto the team to push our tech forward.

The Project Blank UI is going to blow everyone's minds.

Exponential Growth

We don't want to just hit $1... What if we can push for $5 or even $10 LEO?

Not just wishful thinking. Let's back it up with some reality. We're aiming to hit 5,000 Monthly Active Users by the end of 2023. We believe this will be made possible with the new UI as well as dozens of marketing initiatives that are led by our Head of Growth.

When you see what we have in store for 2023, it will blow your mind.

So picture this for the next few months of bear market leading into the future bull market:

  • LEO grows from 500 MAUs to 5,000+ MAUs
  • Ad revenue more than 10x's from this growth
  • Threads becomes our centerpiece
  • Onboarding becomes easy
  • Referral system in place
  • Network effects take hold
  • Liquidity reaches all-time highs

Listen to this clip and strap in.

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