What's Up With the LeoAds Program?

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Long-awaited updates about the LeoAds program are talked about in this clip from the AMA. We also discuss some of the changes and when many of these things will launch.

The new UI is on the verge of being moved from Closed Alpha to Open Alpha. This is a key step in releasing the new Ad Program. We've been sitting on so much code as a team just waiting for the new UI to be ready for prime time.

Our #1 goal in 2023 is to reach 5,000 MAUs. Doing so will do a lot of things to the entire LeoVerse. Namely, we believe LeoAd revenue won't just 10x... it will do exponentially more than that because the engagement spurs more engagement.

Threads have already 2-3x'd the daily revenue of LeoAds.

With 5,000 MAUs creating exponentially more engagement, imagine the possibility of growth in ad revenue.

Now imagine how much LEO is going to be bought on a daily basis using this ad revenue.

In This Clip

  • Starting in January as stated, the first ad report will come soon
  • Thousands of dollars generated from ad revenue right now
  • Growing MAU exponentially grows AdRev
  • AdRev buys leo and burns it - sustainability
  • There's no adspace yet, outside consultant brought in to make it efficient
  • Idea to make ads native to avoid tacky-looking
  • Web platforms do targeted ads, would it be something that interests the users?
  • No ad clicks only views, efficience could 100x by making ads more native
  • The AdRev gets paid in BTC, then that buys $leo

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