LeoFinance AMA | Project Blank Closed Alpha, Bitcoin Skyrocketing, What's Happening?!

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Hey everyone! It's Tuesday and we're back with the LeoVerse AMA, AKA the WenSoon Show!

In this episode, we talk mostly about the crypto markets. Since the last AMA, crypto has absolutely exploded. Bitcoin rallied from $16k all the way to $21.5k and has brought a bunch of alts along for the ride - including HIVE, LEO and CUB.

This came out of left field. I think most of us were expecting constant downtrends after the recent FTX implosion but now we're getting a bit of relief.

The big question looming over all of our heads is: is this rally sustainable or will we see Bitcoin drop back down?

We also do some live Threading and talk about the growth of Project Blank. The userbase has recently 2x'd on Threads. We're seeing tons of activity already and the new UI is right around the corner which will put Threads center stage.

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