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As we talked about in the last LeoFinance UI Update, we're working on a new schedule - aiming to have a scheduled release out every single Friday.

Normally, we work somewhat ad hoc. That isn't completely going away - we work fast, break a lot of shit and make sure that innovation keeps happening.

On the UI front though, we think it's nice to have a little bit of predictability. You'll see something new every single Friday from now on. These might be small feature adds or they might be big releases.

Today falls somewhere in between the two. It's a bigger release that includes GIFs, Emojis and also a big Mobile update.

Let's dive in!



This might seem like a small feature but it's a pretty amazing improvement to the User Experience. It was released earlier this morning and a bunch of us have been going back and forth with replying to each other and having a bunch of fun.


The UX of threads is intended to give a similar feel to its Web2 counterpart. Our philosophy is that to onboard the masses to Hive, we need to have a familiar experience.

We want new users to see LeoFinance and immediately know what to do and how to use the platform.

Only upon digging under the surface will they find the amazing qualities of Web3 and all of the other features we've packed and will pack into the UI/UX of LeoFinance.

GIFs make LeoFinance Threads feel a lot more like Twitter. Way more engaging, fun to use and definitely add some enjoyment to every conversation.


Similar to GIFs, they add some "humanity" to using Threads. Expect a lot more little features like GIFs and Emojis that add this level of human interaction to everything we do on Threads.

Over time, we think the UX will start feeling a lot more engaging and lively - it already feels vastly different from Day 1.

How to Use GIFs and Emojis


Super self explanatory, they work nearly identical to how they do on Web2:

  • Click the GIF button in the text editor and it will allow you to choose from categories or search for a GIF. Click on the GIF and it will automatically fill it into the text editor! Then just hit "Thread" to push it to the Hive blockchain
  • Click the Emoji icon in the text editor and you'll see the same type of pop-up: choose via category or search for the emoji you want!

Mobile Update

We've been quietly working on the mobile update in the background. If you've seen our content around the philosophy we have on a Mobile App, then you'll know what we're doing here.

First and foremost - we're building a robust web application for both Desktop and Mobile.

We believe that the web app should be incredible and where the focus is. From there we can port to native IOS and Android apps but IMHO, web apps are superior in a lot of ways. You can dig through our past content to find out why we have that philosophy.

The web app just got some mobile updates to it. The menu is a lot better and the overall Threads experience is enhanced.

We've got a lot more updates, bug fixes, etc. to roll out but this is a great start! We've been using the mobile update on Hive Keychain's Mobile in-app browser and it works great!

Next Friday

We'll see you next friday for another UI Update ;)

For now, try out all of the new features on https://alpha.leofinance.io and share your thoughts with us by using the #feedback tag!

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