Project Blank UI: Wen, Where and How?

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4 months ago - 2 minutes read

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The Project Blank UI is currently in closed alpha. I'm sure you're tired of hearing that and just can't wait to get started using it.

If you're anxious to use it, please use https://leofinance.io/threads until the new UI goes live. This will let you join 180 other Hivers who have already started microblogging on the Hive blockchain through the Open Beta version of the Threads backend!

Right now, we're all hands-on deck for the LeoFinance team. We're building this UI as fast as we humanely can.

There is a lot going on in the bakcground. The UI is in closed alpha which means only a few of us are testing it ATM.

The UI is ready for public use but only for the deep, core features. The more fringe features will be added for testing later on. Right now, we're just making sure all of the core stuff - like creating / replying to threads, posting, commenting, upvoting, notifications, etc. all are working as flawlessly as possible before we open it up to all of you.

In This Clip:

  • The UI is in closed alpha, only a few are testing it atm
  • The UI is pretty ready for use, but still in early stage in deep features, but core features are ready
  • Fringe features like wallet and posting is not done
  • Except for on mobile Khal is already using the new UI for everything
  • The notifications page copies twitter in terms of replies etc - changes the way you use threads - old notifs example
  • Sort of gamifying the threads experience due to vote $ value shown on notifications
  • "I actually earn from my threads"
  • Landing home page is just like Twitter - what Leo has been missing: no onboarding page, people look at it and know whatsup
  • The normal onboarding to Hive is awful and the learning curve is huge, threads fixes this
  • Onboarding and use (and earn) in less than 1 minute

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