Where LeoFinance is Headed in 2023 | Everything App, Author Monetization, Short-Form Videos and More

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In this massive recap clip, we talk about all of the things that we're cooking up for 2023 in the LeoVerse. What was once a vision for Project Blank - a standalone dApp on the Hive blockchain - has since merged into LeoFinance and created a new vision for the LeoVerse going forward: The Everything App of Hive.

We have a lot of ambitions for this app. You've probably already seen all of the various screenshots and teasers of the Closed Alpha of the new App that a few of us have been doing hardcore testing/development on.

The new app changes everything. A radically rebuilt framework from the ground-up allows Threads to shine as the front and center of LeoFinance.

Moving from there, users can dive deeper into a wide array of features including long-form content, author monetization tools, NFTs, short-form videos and more.

All of this will be built with one goal in mind: The Ultimate Web3 Experience.

With this new app, your experience as a Hive creator and consumer will be supercharged. One of the things we're most excited about is the various monetization tools we'll be introducing. Many are inspired by platforms like Substack. This will mean that Creators on Hive can add additional layers of monetization on top of their rewards pool earnings for HIVE & LEO rewards.

Over time, we expect this to expand into a lot of different honeypots. We'll see the growth of the LEO token coincide with the small % cut that the platform will take from all Author Monetization methods and redirect to buy and burn LEO.

In This Clip:

  • Every piece of the Leoverse is shifting into the everything app
  • Microblogging the right way, with a solid backend
  • Big focus in 2023 on the new UI and closed alpha testing, then deployment, then improvement live
  • Micropayments, authors getting paid, paywalls, long form, short vids, microblogging etc
  • CUB has been the main focus along the MTB
  • Revenue has grown exponentially - above 50% of the way to flipping deflationary and getting tokenomics under control
  • Arbitrage bot
  • By the end of January Marketing
  • MAU and goals for 2023 by Q
  • Reaching 5k MAU by Jan 2024
  • Drop the learning curve, reach out to Twitter users
  • Influencers, community pages, hive users leveraged, outreach strats

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