Turn Your Hive Articles into NFTs With LeoFinance?

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4 months ago - 2 minutes read

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The Everything App that we've built is on the verge of moving out of closed alpha and into open alpha.

This new UI is a completey rebuilt experience of both Hive and LeoFinance. It will forever change the way you experience the Web3 ecosystem on Hive.

Along with all of the amazing features that Project Blank brings to LeoFinance & Hive - like Microblogging - we also are bringing author monetization tools.

Ways that you can generate MORE REVENUE through your LeoFinance & Hive content outside of simply the LEO and HIVE rewards pool.

This is a long time coming... The Hive Ecosystem has always lacked additional ways to monetize yourself. That being said, one of the main reasons nobody really pursued this is because the Hive rewards pool is such an amazing mechanism on its own.

But why stop there? Why not adopt the many tools of Web2 and Web3 to monetize authors and bring a whole other layer of rewards to the game.

NFT Articles are one idea that we're adding to the author monetization toolkit that we're building. We talk about it in this clip from the AMA!

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