LeoGlossary: Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge

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SplinterGlossary: Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge

This challenge replaces the Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge. It was announced here.

You'd have to fight a game with a given ruleset and then post about it, describing the strategy and how it worked out.

If your content is selected by the curators' team you will receive a sizeable upvote from them.

The rules of the challenge are generally the same every week (except the ruleset) and can be found on the @splinterlands account, for example using the PeakD interface.

This is the link to the Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge from the time this post is being written, but you need to check on the latest post, from the week you want to participate, because the ruleset changes from week to week:

Good Luck!

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