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4 months ago - 1 minutes read

I wonder how AI taking over our functions would work for us if it were done on a massive enough scale to disrupt the employment markets. The reason capitalism has stood over socialism is the fact that it feeds into our innate greed and it fulfills our wants. With AI doing more in return for nothing, how would it look like? Would we need another economic model in place? Something to think about.

These aren't thinking entities. They are extremely good at parsing information from the internet and repackaging it in a way that sounds good though. But the core generative ideas still come from people.

It might do a good job when it comes to parsing and repackaging, but it cannot properly appraise which source of information holds the truth for shit. Any two sources conflicting with each other would produce artifacts. I tried giving it a basic physics problem and it did everything right until the end where it should've executed the calculation part. That's, again, because sources agreed %100 with each other, until they didn't, and the AI fucked up. It would probably confuse opinion articles with factual ones, producing artifacts as well.

Non-sequitur AI generations are going to become a big problem for this emerging industry to tackle.

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