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Whilst Web3 seems to be a good solution to most of the internet's centralized plight, the world simply isn't ready for it yet. The shock that will result from transitioning from the Monolithic Web to Web3 is going to be huge.

The association between Web3 and Cryptocurrency didn't come from nowhere: The same technology that powers cryptocurrencies will power Web3, but Cryptocurrencies are going to be so intricately, and intimately webbed with Web3 that the separation of both is a much harder feat than associating them together. Tokenization hammers this point home even further.

Do you think the current public image of Web3, along with Crypto, will hinder adoption as compared to the that of the Internet's early days? The internet was met with the same "its just a fad" while Crypto gets a furious handwave and a "its full of risks, scams, and volatility that I can't handle." A ton of people liken both of these things' adoption rates together, but unlike how the internet operated back then, people now could have a tangibly bad experience with crypto that forms the basis of their denial of it.

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