Why is Silver over Valued at VaultOro?

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Distortions in exchanges happen. When there is low liquidity, you may have a situation where the best buy price and the best sell price are so far apart there is barely any trading but when this happens the spot price should be strictly between the highest buy order on the order-book and below the lowest sell order on the order-book.

VaultOro normally shows a US dollar price for silver, gold, bitcoin and dash when you log in. The prices however are in bitcoins. Confusing as fuck. I think most people would rather view things in terms of whole numbers than multiples of one one-hundred millionth of a bitcoin. Bitcoin is probably the worst unit to use but in typical bitcoin exchange fashion they use whole bitcoins as the base unit and don't put thousands separators to help the user. The prices are not for an ounce of silver but for a gram of silver. So that makes the fractions even more minute.

For people like me, I'm used to working with numbers like this but only because of exchanges like this. It's nice that they put a US dollar price along side of the price denominated in bitcoins though that's backing each order.

Let's consider one at the price of 0.000,016,21 BTC for a gram of silver. At this price you are still talking about 90¢ a gram. I'd normally look on Vaultoro but the fiat spotrate prices are not available today, and xe.com/ucc is flaking out today. I saw the rate was $25.30/oz. That's got to be troy ounces of 31.1g each. That's 82¢/g only.

So, if you have a way of getting silver into VaultOro from say another exchange that deals with silver. Try it. Say you put 1 kg. Sell at 90¢ a gram and then send $9000 of Bitcoin (0.146) to the other exchange where you buy silver again at 82¢. The trade gives you 9.75% profit. Repeat the process again and again. You would be able to do that until the order books on VaultOro start to match the order books on the other exchange.

This is called *arbitrage". I wrote "try it" because if such an opportunity happens, someone will do what I explained. Unless you're the first person to notice this, there is something preventing one from doing thse steps. There is a way to move crypto into this exchange but actually depositing silver is another matter. You wouldn't want to take posession of silver because the price is high on that exchange.

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