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Meeting people

The love and support shown to me when I posted my introductory post was unprecedented. When I joined, my wife, who invited me to the community, delegated some hive power for me to get started. I made my introductory post and got a lot of support. After one week, I received a hive power payout that has kept me active till today. This is to tell us the kind of unity and love on hive community. It's more rewarding because as you lift someone up on hive, you are going up too. I have met people from across the globe, read contents from them and have access to many opinions about some issues. I have met people on hive that I am proud I did meet.

Diverse communities

The arrays of communities on the Blockchain is another lovely characteristic of hive community. Since I joined, I have been exploring different communities and I have subscribed to many that deals with areas of interest to me. This is fascinating because whatever your interest is as far as writing is concerned, you will most probably find a community that suits your desire. Presently, my exploration of the Blockchain is a continuous process.

Earning on hive

This is another cool incentives I must confess. Being in a third world country like Nigeria, living is not easy. Finding a platform like hive where you can earn from your intellectual contribution to issues is a welcome development. In the last few months, earnings from hive has helped me navigate through some financial hurdles. With the assurance that whatever efforts you are putting in creating contents, engaging other users, you are earning a reward is a motivation of continued presence on its own. There are many ways of earning on hive such as curation rewards, winning of contests, buying of hive power to curate and earn reward etc.

Learning about other cultures

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I have learnt a lot from hive Blockchain. I haven't been outside Nigeria since I was born but through the contents I read on hive, I learn about the culture of other people. From Europe to the East and America, I have been privileged, all thanks to hive, to read about those places. This is a perfect example of a community making the world a global village in the real sense of it.

Improves one's writing

The first thing I really commend the brains behind hive about is their stand against plagiarism. This has made it mandatory for every member of the Blockchain to always shun out their own contents and avoiding copying other people's work without referencing. It has made the community attain an enviable level of reputation. On a personal note, I have improved in my writing tremendously since I started creating contents on hive. As a lover of fictional writings, I have been able to learn from other writers and use such knowledge to improve my writing. In conclusion, the endearing characteristics of hive Blockchain is not something I can discuss in one writing as earlier stated. I only tried to mention and discuss briefly on these five. With the efforts of you and I, we are going to grow hive to become even more stronger.

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