LOLZ Hive Farming Report for 3/29/2023

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Daily LOLZ Farming Report for Hive Delegators

This is the LOLZ Defi Farming report for Hive Delegators for 3/29/2023. This is an automated report. All liquid Hive from this post will be used to pay server costs and buy and burn LOLZ. Token earnings will be staked to increase curation value. A sister report is also available for Hive token delegators.

LOLZ Farming

LOLZ Farming Rewards Summary

Earn 10% APR On HIVE Power Delegations

With a 10% annual percentage rate (APR) we are offering one of the highest returns on HP delegations on the blockchain. In addition, LOLZ farming rewards are paid daily directly to your Hive Engine wallet. Save them to level up and be able to use the !LOLZ command and earn dividends, or sell them.

Not sure how that compares to your curation earnings? You can check your curation APR on HiveStats, just don't be surprised that our 10% APR reward rate is a fair bit higher than you are getting from your curation efforts.

Where to Delegate To

Our main need for HP is to power @lolzbot. It takes a lot of HP to share jokes and crypto all day long. But maybe you want to support the community in your favorite tribe?

That is why we have made it possible to delegate to any of our tribal curation bots as well. For example, if you want to support users in the Cine community you could delegate some HP to the @lolz.cine curation bot. Or if you love to share jokes and memes you may want to delegate to @lolz.meme.

Which ever accounts you delegate to, you will earn LOLZ tokens equivalent to a 10% APR on your delegated HP - so the choice is up to you.

How to Delegate

If this is your first time delegating to an account you can use the links below to quickly and easily delegate HP to the account of your choice using Keychain.

|Tribe|Account | 10 HP|25 HP|50 HP|100 HP|1000 HP| | ------------ | ------------ | ------------ | ------------ | ------------ | ------------ | ------------ | | Hive | lolzbot |10|25|50|100|1000| | 1Up| lolz.oneup |10|25|50|100|1000| | WeAreAlive| lolz.alive |10|25|50|100|1000| | Tribaldex.blog | lolz.bee |10|25|50|100|1000| | BeatzChain| lolz.btcz |10|25|50|100|1000| | CentSocial| lolz.cent |10|25|50|100|1000| | Cine | lolz.cine |10|25|50|100|1000| | CTPTalk| lolz.ctp |10|25|50|100|1000| | Dunk Social | lolz.dunk |10|25|50|100|1000| | HiveList | lolz.list |10|25|50|100|1000| | MemeHive | lolz.meme |10|25|50|100|1000| | Neoxian City | lolz.nxg |10|25|50|100|1000| | Pimp.media| lolz.pimp |10|25|50|100|1000| | SplinterTalk | lolz.spt |10|25|50|100|1000| | Sports Talk | lolz.sports |10|25|50|100|1000| | Threshold Guardian Gaming| lolz.thg |10|25|50|100|1000| | Waiv| lolz.waiv |10|25|50|100|1000| | WeedCash | lolz.weed |10|25|50|100|1000|

If you want to delegate a different amount, or update your delegations, you can do so from your wallet on PeakD.


About the LOLZ Project

LOLZ Project is an engagement project with the mission of spreading laughter and joy on the Hive blockchain. Hive users can use the !LOL or !LOLZ command in comments to share a clean joke and tip the author an $LOLZ token.

Help Support the LOLZ Project

Here are some easy ways you can help support the LOLZ Project -

  • Use the !LOL and !LOLZ command often to tip fellow Hive authors.
  • Upvote and re-Hive our posts. All rewards will be used to help cover server costs and increase curation value.
  • Delegate Hive Power or Hive tokens and earn LOLZ Farming rewards.
  • Follow @lolztoken and participate in our airdrops, contests, and giveaways.