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2021 was a blast.

As the end of the year is approaching, I've been thinking about my progress in the space so far in an attempt to learn from the mistakes of the past and set goals for the next year. I've been actively contributing content on Hive/LeoFinance and sharing my contributions on Publish0x, Noise.Cash and Torum throughout the year in an attempt to reach a wider audience and raise awareness about this amazing place of ours.

The truth is that I did take small breaks from all platforms due to heavy workload, but I kept consuming content from the sidelines and always returned for more.

Hopefully next year I will manage to produce at least 365 blog posts. I will be looking to revive my Read.Cash blog as well, as I have been absent for months now.

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I managed to increase my stake significantly on most layer-2 tribes I'm currently messing with, and I also keep a few thousand USDT and BUSD on the side in order to buy back more $HIVE$0.292. Thankfully I have increased my positions in a series of projects that pay out daily dividends, as well as a number of farms on ETH and BSC, cubdefi.com included.

On to a spectacular 2022.

My financial position is better than ever thanks to my crypto-related ventures, so I guess you can say I'm thankful for the opportunities the revolutionary technology behind it all has provided me. I've been stacking and staking consistently throughout the year, and it's already starting to pay off. I plan to keep accumulating and adding to my stacks by taking advantage of those lovely fluctuations that have brought us all here in the first place.

Currently holding almost 1k liquid $HIVE$0.292 on Binance which I will be moving over to my Hive account before the 6th of January in order to make the most of the upcoming airdrops on the network. Ragnarok is going to be a huge success as far as I'm concerned, so I will be looking to catch the train I missed with Splinterlands. This time around I have learned my lesson.

Of course I will be adding another 100 Chaos Legion packs to my collection once the general sale commences regardless, as the 20 packs I have bought and opened so far are not enoough to satisfy my hunger. Plus I believe 2022 will be an even better year for the game with all the rollouts the team is preparing for the future.

More $HIVE$0.292 please.

I plan to pour 50% of my stablecoin holdings into $HIVE$0.292 as well once the opportunity arises. Nobody really knows what happens next, but for some reason I am convinced there will be better entry points in the near future before we take off for good. It's a risk I am willing to take.

Keeping around 2k liquid LEO on the side as well in order to enter the pLEO pools once PolyCUB is here. LEO is heavily undervalued at the moment, and considering that it has a relatively small supply, I can see the price making violent swings once more people realize what's being built and what has already been built here.

More yield please.

$RUNE$0.938, $ORN $SPS, $BFG, $CUB$0.011 and $AXN are providing me with more passive income and will keep doing so as I am planning to just hold throughout 2022, unless something extreme happens that is. With so much progress being made in the crypto space in general and so many applications and powerful tools in the works, it feels like 2022 will be a spectacular year. However, we all know that a long bear market can easily outweigh development.

Even if it does, there will only be short-term effects, as the world is starting to realize that crypto is here to stay. Private banks have already entered the fray, now it's time for central banks to follow their example.

More P2E please.

I will also be looking to join more play-to-earn games this year, as I already know about a few promising projects launching these days, with $MNG being one of those. My only concern is I won't be able to remain active in all the interesting projects I am currently eyeing. There's a plethora of options.

The bottom line is we are gearing up for a quite busy year full of opportunities. Will there be a bull run in 2022? Nobody knows. What I do know though is that there are so many wonderful options that we no longer need successive green candles and 100x gains to make it. Creating passive income streams even from scratch is absolutely doable. That's more than enough for me.

I know I will be around regardless of the way the market decides to behave. This place feels like home.

Wishing you all a happy new year!

That sums it all up for now.

Never forget!


Have a good one everyone! @lordneroo

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