Splinterlands Updates: New Energy System and SoulKeep

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2 months ago - 4 minutes read

Splinterlands is a progressive game, It is regularly injecting new updates to enhance players' gaming experience and make the game modified for better performance.

Recently, we have observed 2 major updates that have revamped some portions of Splinterlands, namely these changes are a new energy system and the induction of the tower defense game SoulKeep. Let's find out how these changes have shaped the game.



On March 21, 2023, a new energy system was introduced for ranked battles and the old Energy Capture Rate (ECR) mechanism was wiped out. This change is aimed to simplify the battle system for new players who often confuse in understanding the percentage rate and reward system.

Another concern was the exploitation of ECR system by bot farms, now bots will be restricted to use a limited amount of battles per day. But, some players think it will provide bots with more rewards.

What's in for a Player in New Energy System:

Energy system is an old-school technique of giving players a fixed amount of action points. When any action is performed, the player loses an energy point, and the lost energy recharges 1-by-1 after a fixed time. This system is pretty well known to any amateur gamer.

Similarly, ranked battles will now consume Energy instead of ECR percentage. A total of 50 Energy points will be available to each player in the game as shown in the above image, and 1 ranked battle consumes 1 Energy point.

Once consumed, each Energy point will regenerate in 60 minutes, which means if a player consumes all 50 points, it will take 50 hours to replenish those points. So generally, the point system will take longer to replenish than the previous ECR system.

Note: 50 Energy points are common for both Wild and Modern formats, both battle formats use the same pool of Energy.

Buying Energy for Additional Battles:

If a player wishes to fight more battles, he/she can buy additional Energy points by spending DEC, DEC-B, or CREDIT tokens.

Click the "+" sign next to Energy bar and you'll be directed toward the "Purchase Energy" page.

A player can buy up to 50 Energy points in a single day, which means he/she can play a maximum of 100 battles per day using 50 Energy from the pool and 50 Energy bought.

Each league has a different price for buying Energy. Bronze league has the cheapest price and Champion league has the costliest price.

DEC and DEC-B tokens used for Energy purchase will be burned to improve prices of DEC/DEC-B tokens, this is a way to reduce DEC/DEC-B supply that is circulating in the market. CREDIT can't be burned, therefore an equivalent amount of DEC tokens will go to the burning process. It is a good idea to reduce some of DEC tokens from the circulating supply.



Previously known as Splinterlands Tower Defense Game and now SoulKeep is available in closed beta.

The game launcher is cascaded into the Splinterlands navigation bar and can be played if a player meets its requirement.

If you have 500 or more Nightmare packs in your Splinterlands wallet, then you can qualify to play the close beta by opening the SoulKeep game using the "S" icon in Splinterlands.

Those 500+ packs you own must be bought from Splinterlands Shop to be eligible to play SoulKeep.

No Rewards:

A default playable game will be available to a qualified player for testing the game and backend integration. The battles are currently free of rewards, players can simply enjoy the gameplay for the first time. Game rewards may be available in Q2 when a fully functional game will be presented publicly.

Here is a YouTube video of SoulKeep gameplay by Double Coconut Game.

The game is very simple to play, the packs will provide you with towers, heroes, and spells. Each item will consume an amount of magical energy. When a battle starts you have to place towers strategically on the map to defeat waves of enemies coming to you from different directions.

When an enemy is killed, you will receive magical energy, that you can use to place more towers, hero, or draw spells to thwart enemy hordes.

Once the beta testing is over, the game will be updated and patched for any bugs and reported issues to devs. Currently, it is expected to see a soft launch of the game in Q2. The game is very interesting and everyone is excited to play this game when it will be open to the general public.

That's it for now, we'll discuss more Splinterlands updates as they occur in the coming weeks. If you have any feedback, give us a shoutout in the comment section.