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Many Hivers cheat themselves out of both rewards and education by avoiding LeoFinance out of fear. That has to change.

With talk of charts, trends, bears, bulls, candlesticks, slippage, etc., and so forth, ad nauseam, it's no wonder many new Hivers shy away from LeoFinance. I should know: I was one of them in 2021.

Once I decided to give LeoFinance a chance, I haven't looked back.

I was mistaken in my assumptions. What did I learn about LeoFinance?

Finance Is a Very Broad Topic

It's true that cryptocurrency is redefining finance for many people. It's also true that high finance remains the domain of governments, institutional investors, money managers, and high net-worth individuals.

It's also true that finance is integral to each of us.

We use finance every day for any number of reasons, and some of the finance doesn't even involve money in a direct way. Physical assets, skills, and time are all budgeted, and these budgets are always under adjustment.

LeoFinance Isn't Only about Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is such a dominant part of our time at LeoFinance that we forget about the finance part of the name. Personal finance, home budgeting, business budgeting, bookkeeping, accounting, enterprise-- all tie into finance.

As shown by the USD 6.6T daily volume of the ForEx market, fiat curency is a major part of fincnace. Then there are the commodities markets (which include gold and oil).

If cryptocurrency and CBDCs were to disappear this moment, finance would still exist. As long as people need to make transactions with each other, there will be finance.

LeoFinance Has Room for Everyone (Not Just the Professionals)

Some Hivers and Leos are definitely professional money managers. Some are gifted in the numeric skills required of economists and technical analysts.

However, most of us don't have those sorts of backgrounds.

People like us deal with money and finance in any of a wide array of ways:

We go with what we know, then we learn as we go.

Different Writing Styles and Forms of Writing are Welcome at LeoFinance

Some Hivers and Leos write articles worthy (in the best sense of the word) of both Web3 and legacy corporate financial media. Some have established themselves as leaders in their chosen niches.

LeoFinance also has room for the more personal forms of writing:

  • Slice of life articles revolving around finance;
  • Investing journals;
  • Strategies for blockchain games;
  • How-to guides;
  • Latest acquisitions of collectibles;
  • Cautionary tales;
  • Memes and satire;
  • Journeys of discovery and learning;
  • Histories of money and finance.

Don't expect to find this sort of content at purveyors of FUD. No need for WordPress or Joomla! blogs. As long as they fit under the finance umbrella, LeoFinance welcomes these sorts of posts and more.

Stop Being Afraid of LeoFinance and Contribute!

Drop by LeoFinance, read a post or two, and engage with authors and fellow Hivers. If you want to make a point, make it. If you want ask a question, ask it. If you want to answer a question, answer it. And if you see a fellow Hiver who can benefit from your assistance, feel free to assist.

Even if posts are restricted to finance, that's a large umbrella topic. This means there are opportunities to write about what you know. It also means there are opportunities to grow both as a blogger and as an investor or trader.

If you were afraid of even visiting LeoFinance, you will be in good company among fellow Hivers who are also Leos. Many of us were that way at first. I know I was.

Just My Two Sats

Many new Hivers (and some old-timers) are afraid of LeoFinance because it's a community revolving around fiannce. They sell themselves short because they "don't know crypto" or "don't understand finance." As a result of those fears, they don't even consider giving LeoFinance a chance.

For these Hivers, LeoFinance offers an environment where they can learn about not only cryptocurrency but also finance in a non-threatening way. Content for all levels of Leos and Hivers is published daily, so there is something for everyone.

There are things where for a long time we were afraid to do it, and after doing it we wonder why it took us so long to do it. Engaging at LeoFinance is like that. So start contributing!

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