The new Splinterlands update is favoring REAL PLAYERS over BOTS!

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What’s up my fellow warriors!

Well, where we are going deep into this game and playing daily and reaching bit by bit closer to our respective goals, the precious days for this season are reducing silently to it’s end point. As I am Writing this post, we have almost come towards the last day for this ongoing season and I hope by now, most of you have reached your goal, be it your favourite tier or a position in the leaderboard. For me, this season my progress has been changed drastically due to the recent updates that I am going to talk below. Right now I am playing at Champ II tier and already reached here a couple of days before and earning sweet rewards both from reward chests and liquid SPS prize in ranked wins. Gladly, I have also collected the highest amount of season reward chests this time with whooping no of 69 chests while still having another 1 days and 6 hours before the season end.


As you can see from above, I have burned down my Energy meter to 0/50 and will only get another 30 energy = 30 ranked matches to play before the end. Hopefully, while focusing all my energy now to reach the highest tier Champ I at the moment, I will also try to collect some more season trophies before the time runs out. While playing, I even reached 4200+ trophies at a point and was only 100 trophies away from reaching Champ I, but then my bad luck started and I lose a couple of matches back to back and reduced my trophy count down to 4,118 trophies. Overall, I am very happy with my progress in this season as I have collected at least 10 more season chests than usual and also reached champ II tier way before I used to get here. But how? Let my share my thoughts below..


I think the main reason after it is the latest in-game update where the team changed the old ECR bar (Energy Capture Rate) with a new and way simpler Energy meter. But not only that, before the update, we could play ranked matches unlimited even when ECR bar goes to zero and this practice is widely being used by us splinterlands players especially on the last days of a season mainly to reach our goal league or leaderboard position. But, they have also stopped the ability for us to continue play ranked matches even after our ECR bar goes down to 0 and with the new Energy meter, you cant play anymore ranked matches when your Energy meter stays at Zero.

At a first glance, it would sound like a bad news for players like me who goes all out in these last days and only focus on reaching the top 10 leaderboard positions or into the next tier to earn more prizes while not caring for their SPS earnings from those matches. For me, I usually used to play aggressively in last 2 days and even play over a hundred matches just to reach my goal Champ II tier and so does the other players. After the season end, I used to take rest for multiple days from the ranked gameplay, so that my ECR gets recharged back to a heathy position (80%+ at least). But with this new update, there’s no chance of doing infinite playing anymore as after the energy meter hits zero, your battle button will be grey out and inactive until You recharge at least one energy again.


  • First of all, I think this new rule is affecting bots way more than us real players. Just think this way, a human player cannot sit all day and night and maintain a 99% ECR and play 1 match each hour but if you use a bot, you will be earning battle SPS rewards while keeping an excellent ECR rate. This way, the bots used to earn way more than real human players while having the same or even lower amount of card collection.

  • Secondly, where human players can push themselves and even play a 100 hundred matches, the bots can easily play multiple time of that in order to reach the same destination. After playing for a time, I believe most splinterlands players will start losing because lack of focus or boringness, but bots are bits.. you just need to run them and they will use data power to bring out the best possible lineup every single time! No, no matter how you see at it, winning against bots are almost impossible because of these unfair advantages.


But, with this new update, both human and bots cant just over play anymore in the season end festival and even if anyone thinks to buy energies and recharge their energy bar by money, it will cost way more than they actually earn from it. As you know, the cost to buy 1 energy at champion league is a whooping 500 dec. I personally don't think that the average reward chests bring out value of 500 dec. These days I get soul bound cards and merits, potions way more than SPS rewards so for me, it wouldn’t be wise to purchase energies using dec but rather utilising my energy bar and play accordingly. But due to having way less amount of bots as my opponents that comes with unbreakable lineups, So I reached my goal already before time while collecting even more reward chests than usual. So clearly from a real player’s side, I can definitely say that this new update is favouring real players over bots.

Hope you liked reading my piece. Do you also own a good deck in this game and play yourself or you use bots to play for you? Let me know in the comment below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.


Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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